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Professional Learning Support Division

Provides direction and resources to support educators to increase their content knowledge and the effectiveness of their instructional support strategies to meet the unique needs of every student, including English learners, to ensure high academic achievement.

Carrie Roberts, Director

Phone: 916-323-6440
Fax: 916-323-2807

The Professional Learning Support Division is part of the Instruction & Learning Support Branch.

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American Indian
Program information for local educational agencies, Indian tribes and organizations, and other entities about meeting the unique academic, cultural, and linguistic needs of American Indian students.

Curriculum Areas
Professional development for teachers, principals, paraprofessionals, and other staff in selected curriculum areas.

Resources for those interested in the academic achievement of kindergarten through grade six public school students; includes transition-to-school guidance.

English Learners
Programs and information to improve language proficiency of English learners and help them meet content standards adopted by State Board of Education.

Gifted & Talented Education
Information and resources related to implementation of Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) programs.

Supports supplemental programs designed to strengthen the school, community, and family experiences of children and their families.

Private Schools
Reporting information for persons, firms, associations, partnerships, or corporations offering or conducting a full-time day school at the elementary or high school level for students between six and eighteen years of age.

Pupil Promotion & Retention
Current law and information on pupil promotion and retention policies and related supplemental instruction programs.

Recommended Literature (K-12)
Collection of outstanding literature for children and adolescents in grades kindergarten through grade twelve.

Recommended Literature for Math & Science
Collection of outstanding literature for children and adolescents in grades kindergarten through grade twelve in the disciplines of science and mathematics.

Standards for professional teaching practices in California; includes ten design elements for high-quality development and guidance from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS).

Questions:   Professional Learning Support Division | 916-323-6440
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