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Division Content Areas on the CDE Intranet

This page is part of the California Department of Education (CDE) Web Design Standards, which only apply to specific CDE Web sites. Visit the CDE Web Standards to determine if these standards apply to a specific Web product (Web site, Web page, Web document, or Web application) that has been developed by or for the CDE.

Most Web pages (not including Web applications) on all CDE Web sites are created using Adobe's Contribute software templates. WebNETS, which is a custom software application that was created by CDE staff, is also necessary in order to create and process most Web pages on the CDE's public Internet site. Portions of these standards, where noted, apply only to CDE users of Contribute or WebNETS software; or to Web application developers.

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There is required content for each Division Content Area (DCA) on the CDE Intranet. For a detailed list that includes optional and prohibited content for these sections, please see the Intranet Division Content Approval Standards (CDE Intranet).


Standards for the Required Information

Horizontal Rules

The required "General Information" section of each division content area main page must start immediately after the first gold horizontal line (horizontal rule) on the page. Additionally, a horizontal rule must immediately follow the General Information section. To insert this horizontal rule, use the following process:

Additional Information

Link Description
Division Content Area Approval Standards (CDE Intranet) Outlines the content approval requirements for the CDE intranet.
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