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Most Popular Web Content

A listing of the most popular Web pages and documents on the CDE Internet Web site.
This listing is based on statistics for the month of June 2014.
  1. Content Standards
  2. California School Directory
  3. Preschool Curriculum Frameworks (PDF; 9MB)
  4. Infant/Toddler Learning and Development Program Guidelines (PDF; 9MB)
  5. STAR - Standardized Testing and Reporting (Including released test questions)
  6. Curriculum Frameworks
  7. Common Core Standards
  8. Preschool English Learners (PDF; 9MB)
  9. CAHSEE - California High School Exit Examination (Including released test questions)
  10. CELDT Released Test Questions (PDF; 4MB)
  11. School Accounting Manual (PDF; 4MB)
  12. Inclusion Works (PDF; 8MB)
  13. CA Preschool Learning Foundations (PDF; 5MB)
  14. Education Funding
  15. Nutrition to Grow On (PDF; 16MB)
  16. CalPADS User Manual (PDF; 8MB)
  17. Desired Results Developmental Profile - Preschool (PDF; 2MB)
  18. Guidelines for Early Learning in Child Care Home Settings (PDF; 17MB)
  19. School and District Reports
  20. School Attendance Improvement Handbook (PDF)
  21. NCLB Waiver Letters
  22. High School Equivalency Tests
  23. Educational Resources Catalog (PDF; 3MB)
  24. Early Childhood Educational Compentencies (PDF; 2MB)
  25. Guide for Vision Testing (PDF; 2MB)
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