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Web Standards Change Log

Our understanding of accessibility and usability will grow and technology will continue to evolve. This Web Standards Change Log is a list of changes that have been made to the CDE Web standards.

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Changes to any of the California Department of Education's (CDE) Web standards are made in periodic releases.


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Last Reviewed: Tuesday, January 20, 2015

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Recently Posted in Department Information

  • Conditions of Employment PM-EX 631 (DOC) (added 07-Oct-2015)
    Form 631 that needs to be completed by candidate to indicate location of preference, tenure and time base.
  • Security Guard Examination (DOC) (updated 07-Oct-2015)
    Examination Bulletin for a Security Guard in the California Department of Education, Alameda and Riverside Counties.
  • Security Guard Qualifications Assessment (DOC) (added 07-Oct-2015)
    Qualifications Assessment Questionnaire for a Security Guard in the CA Department of Education.
  • Child Development Consultant (DOC) (added 02-Oct-2015)
    Departmental Open Exam Bulletin for a Child Development Consultant in the California Department of Education.
  • Child Development Consultant Questionnaire (DOC) (added 02-Oct-2015)
    Questionnaire for candidates to fill out to apply for the Child Development Consultant examination in the California Department of Education.

  • Director (DOC) (added 21-Sep-2015)
    Bulletin advertising for a Director vacant position in the Local Agency Support Division.
  • Standards Support Director (DOC) (added 17-Sep-2015)
    Bulletin advertising for a Standards Support Director vacant position in the Executive Office.
  • Overview (PDF) (added 02-Sep-2015)
    A one page view of the entire California Department of Education (CDE) with branches and divisions.
  • Division CEA Level B (DOC) (added 17-Aug-2015)
    Bulletin advertising for a CEA Level B vacant position in the School Facilities & Transportation Services Division.
  • Nutrition Education Administrator - Jobs at CDE (DOC) (added 14-Aug-2015)
    Bulletin advertising the Nutrition Education Administrator departmental open exam in the CA Dept. of Education.