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ESEA Educational Supports and Involvement

Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) Reauthorization Recommendations: Educational Supports and Community, Parent Involvement
Policy Recommendations for the Reauthorization of ESEA

Support successful, healthy, safe, school climates

Prioritize community schools approaches

Encourage parent engagement

Rationale for Improvements

Although there have been initiatives such as the Full Service Community Schools Act, currently there are no dedicated federal funding streams that would support programs such as Healthy Start in CA. Without additional funds, California has identified six elements of success that have contributed to sustaining Healthy Start in schools and districts after the grant funding has ended:

Providing the wrap-around services by leveraging community partners and resources for students and their families is critical to ensuring that students are able to focus and succeed in school. States and districts need additional support to maintain and expand existing infrastructures such as Healthy Start to ensure students are college and career ready.

California Overview

In 1992 California established the Healthy Start Support Services for Children Act (Healthy Start Initiative) which is a state-funded school-community collaborative grant for integrating services. Each local Healthy Start provides comprehensive school-integrated services and activities to meet the unique needs and desired results identified for children, youth, and families. These services and activities may include:

Healthy Start does not necessarily pay for these services. Rather, Healthy Start coordinates integrated service delivery which directly links children and families to needed supports and services. Healthy Start Operational and Combined grants provide the seed money to LEAs which then sustain programs and services after the grant period has ended.

A statewide evaluation of the first three years, where 372 schools and over a quarter of a million students and families were served, of Healthy Start reported improvements for children and families in all measures, including the following:i

School-wide results assessed in the same evaluation showed improvements in the areas listed below:ii

A second statewide Healthy Start evaluation, using data from operational grants funded in years 1994-1996, showed positive results in the following areas:iii


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