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To Waive the Attendance Accounting for Multi-Track

The following is an example of language that has previously been used when state board has considered attendance accounting for multi-track waivers.

Waiver of Charter Schools Program

California Code of Regulations, Title 5, Section 11960

a) As used in Education Code Section 47612, "attendance" means the attendance of charter school pupils while engaged in educational activities required of them by their charter schools, on days when school is actually taught in their charter schools. "Regular average daily attendance" shall be computed by dividing a charter school's total number of pupil-days of attendance by the number of calendar days on which school was actually taught in the charter school. For purposes of determining a charter school's total number of pupil-days of attendance, no pupil may generate more than one day of attendance in a calendar day.

The strike-out indicates the exact language being waived but is still valid.

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