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Attention for Continuing Students

Instructions on how to complete the APH registration for continuing students.

Attached is the Preliminary Student Registration (PSR) report listing the students registered with your program last year in January 2013. Please complete the registration of returning students by making corrections or changes to the spreadsheet. If a student is no longer enrolled in your program, please enter Delete in the Keep/Delete column for the student. Return the list with your certification form (Enclosure 1), the APH Federal Quota Orders Authorization List (Enclosure 2), and the new registration forms (Enclosure 3) to our office after January 6, 2014, but no later than February 3, 2014.

Electronic submission of the registration packet:

Please contact James Morrison, Associate Governmental Program Analyst, by phone at 916-323-1329 or by e-mail at, regarding procedures for encrypting student data and submitting the packet.

Please refer to the Reporting Codes and Instructions for Registration to make any necessary changes to:

Indicate on the PSR report Function column whether the student is MDB or FDB. If right and/or left eye acuities have changed note the new information in the Free Form Entry space. Also indicate the student’s primary language on the PSR report in the Language column.

Please verify all three reading media categories for each returning student. Nonreaders in the Primary Reading Medium will be N/A (Not Applicable) in the Second and Third Reading Media. Choose only one reading medium in each category and do not repeat any of the options in the three different fields. Prereaders in the Primary Reading Medium can be visual, braille, auditory, or N/A in the Secondary Reading Medium. If N/A is chosen in the Secondary Reading Medium, then N/A has to be chosen in the Third Reading Medium. The Third Reading Medium is optional and will default to N/A if a code is not chosen.

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