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Data and Document Submission 2012-13

List of required data and documents to submit, as well as resources for technical assistance and training.

For All Agencies Receiving Workforce Investment Act, Title II Federal Funding

Requirements for Data Collection, Reporting, and Training

The Workforce Investment Act (WIA), Title II funded agencies must complete the following requirements, which must be received on or before the deadlines listed on Attachment 2.

Data Accountability and Implementation Training

At least one representative from each funded agency must complete one accountability training and one implementation training by January 31, 2013. For more information about these training sessions, and to register, please go to Comprehensive Adult Students Assessment System (CASAS) External link opens in new window or tab. or California Adult Education Training External link opens in new window or tab. .

Data Collection

  1. Collect data on all eligible learners attending between July 1, 2012, and June 30, 2013.
  2. Complete an entry record for each learner in any WIA, Title II funded instructional program as soon as the learner enters class.
  3. Complete an Update Record for all learners who have 12 or more hours of instruction.
  4. Administer both a pre- and post-test to all WIA, Title II learners.
  5. Manually enter, scan, or transfer records into the Tracking of Programs and Students (TOPSpro) Enterprise software system. These must be completed each quarter, and each quarterly data submission must be as complete as possible.

Data Reporting

  1. Submit quarterly and end-of-year data to the CASAS. All data submissions must be received by the CASAS on or before each due date.
  2. Conduct the Core Performance Follow-Up Measures Survey each quarter to students who exited the program the previous quarter, and enter all results in TOPspro Enterprise software system on or before each due date.
  3. English Literacy and Civics Education (EL Civics) Objectives and Additional Assessment Plans as required, must be submitted to CASAS on or before the due date (for EL Civics-funded agencies only).
  4. Annually complete the EL Civics Technology Plan and submit to Outreach and Technical Assistance Network (OTAN) by January 31, 2013 (For EL Civics funded agencies only).
  5. Annually complete and submit online the WIA, Title II Program Implementation Survey by the due date.
  6. Annually certify that procedures for collecting and reporting data conform to National Reporting Systems standards and submit the End-of-Year Data Submission Certification Letter. This must be received by CASAS on or before August 15, 2013.
  7. Annually complete the WIA, Title II Adult Education Personnel Wizard in TOPSpro Enterprise before submitting end-of-year TOPSpro Enterprise data. This must be received by CASAS on or before August 15, 2013.
  8. Annually complete the grant award budget and final expenditure claim report. These must be received by the California Department of Education Adult Education Office, by due dates listed in Attachment 2.

Agencies may submit a PDF copy of their quarterly Data Integrity Report via e-mail to The CASAS will not accept quarterly TOPSpro™ Enterprise data submissions via e-mail, as variations in e-mail implementation make it difficult to secure personally identifiable student data. Agencies must submit all requirements listed in Attachment 2 on or before each deadline.

Questions:   Adult Education Office | 916-322-2175
Last Reviewed: Tuesday, May 5, 2015
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