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March 2012 Meeting Minutes

March 16, 2012 meeting minutes for the American Indian Education Oversight Committee.

American Indian Education Oversight Committee

March 16, 2012


Committee Members: Laura Lee George (Chair), André Cramblit (Parliamentarian), Amber Machamer (Vice Chair), Irma Amaro, Deborah DeForge, Rodney Lindsay, Kathleen Marshall, Rachel McBride

Absent: Helen Doherty (excused), Russell “Butch” Murphy (excused)

California Department of Education (CDE) Staff: Craig Cheslog, Judy Delgado, Chavela Delp

Guests: Katherine Valenzuela

Meeting convened at 10:00 a.m.

Laura Lee George—Asked for approval to move agenda Item 6 between Items 1 and 2.

Deborah DeForge moved to approve the agenda with changes. Rodney Lindsay seconded. All in favor.

Item 1―CDE Updates, Presented by Judy Delgado, CDE

Rachel McBride―The LAO’s recommendation is great. In the last two or three meetings, the American Indian Education Oversight Committee (AIEOC) has requested that all American Indian education programs be put in one office. We would like to see the AIEC, AIECE, and the TUPE programs all in one office. Is this something that can happen?

Craig Cheslog—The CDE has taken a $3.5 million cut since Tom Torlakson has come into this office.

Katherine Valenzuela—Is it possible to see where positions have been cut?

Irma Amaro―The AIECs that owe back money (unexpended funds) to the CDE should not receive priority status if the AIEC Program is pulled out of flexibility.

Rachel McBride―The AIECs need to be held accountable. So if there are AIECs that do not pay back the CDE, can the AIECs that did pay back their unexpended funds be reimbursed? If AIECs are not going to be required to pay back their unexpended funds, it is going to create a bigger division amongst the AIECs. This is setting a bad example. If the AIEC Program gets pulled out of flexibility and there is a competitive grant, the AIECs that owe money to the CDE should not receive priority. It should be administered uniformly and these AIECs should not be given priority in future competitive applications. The CDE did a program and fiscal review of all the AIECs years ago and now there is another investigation?

Craig Cheslog—I am not aware of this issue; however, the SSPI would want the AIECs  to be held accountable.

Laura Lee George—The AIEOC recommends sending an advisory to the SSPI to ensure that AIECs with fiscal review findings resulting in paybacks are required to complete payment. Rachel McBride moved to approve that an advisory be sent to the SSPI. Rodney Lindsay seconded. All in favor.

Item 6―Legislative Field Trips, Presented by Laura Lee George, Chair, AIEOC

Craig Cheslog—Field site visits are still on hold due to funding constraints. The priority is for the SBE Task Force. We would like to get the Task Force and Joint Committee up and going, then start some fundraising to complete these field trips.

Craig Cheslog—Senate Bill (SB) 1540 moves the social science framework forward and the revision process continues. There was a previous advisory to include the Round Valley curriculum on the CDE Resources Web page. Future moves like this need to be vetted for accuracy and meet Tribal and community concerns.

Item 2―Public Comment

Item 3―Legislative Update, Presented by Katherine Valenzuela, Public Advocates

Laura Lee George—Because Rachel McBride is out, we will skip to Item 5.

Item 5―AIEOC Report, Presented by André Cramblit, Parliamentarian, AIEOC

Laura Lee George—Asked for a motion to approve the report with changes.

Amber Machamer moved to approve the AIEOC Report with changes. Rachel McBride seconded. All in favor.

Item 4―AIEOC Involvement in Other CDE Committees, presented by Rachel McBride

Craig Cheslog—There are four or five committees being developed in the near future: Educator Excellence, Coronado School for the Arts, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, and Environmental Literacy. New task forces will regularly be brought to the AIEOC’s attention.

Item 7―Committee Business

Laura Lee George—Asked for a motion to approve the January 25, 2012, meeting minutes. André Cramblit moved to approve the meeting minutes. Kathleen Marshall seconded. All in favor.

Laura Lee George—The AIEOC would like to take this opportunity to thank

Katherine Valenzuela for working with this committee. Her hard work and dedication will be missed.

Laura Lee George—We should hold a teleconference meeting before the May Revision comes up. The teleconference meeting will be April 24, 2012, 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. The only agenda items will be legislative updates and budget items.

Laura Lee George—Asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting. Rodney Lindsay moved to adjourn the meeting. André Cramblit seconded. All in favor.

The meeting adjourned at 12:10 p.m.

Questions: Judy Delgado | | 916-319-0506 
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