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November 2012 Meeting Minutes

November 14, 2012, meeting minutes for the American Indian Education Oversight Committee.

American Indian Education Oversight Committee

November 14, 2012


Committee Members: Laura Lee George (Chair), André Cramblit (Parliamentarian), Amber Machamer (Vice Chair), Deborah DeForge, Rodney Lindsay, Kathleen Marshall, Rachel McBride, Helen Doherty


Russell "Butch" Murphy (excused), Irma Amaro (excused)

California Department of Education (CDE) Staff

Judy Delgado, Chavela Delp


Coleen Bruno

Meeting convened at 10:36 a.m.

Item 3―Career Counseling, Presented by John Merris-Coots, CDE

Item 1―CDE Updates, Presented by Judy Delgado, American Indian Education Consultant

Laura Lee George—Asked for a motion to request an update on this advisory. Rachel McBride moved to approve to request an update to the advisory that was sent to the SSPI. Kathleen Marshall seconded. All in favor.

It was brought up that this may contradict the AIEOC’s role to advise the SSPI on American Indian education issues.

California Education Code (EC) Section 33370(g) states, “...This committee shall provide input and advice to the Superintendent on all aspects of American Indian education programs established by the state.”

This could be the start of the State Board of Education subcommittee on American Indian education.

Item 2―Public Comment

Coleen Bruno―Asked about the potential closing of the AIEC in San Jose, and what would become of that funding.

Judy Delgado―According to the AIEC regulations, the funding would be distributed equally between all the currently funded AIECs.

Item 4―Region IX Equity Assistance Center, Presented by Rose Owens-West

Item 5―Mascot Issue in California Public Schools

Laura Lee George—Asked for a motion to send an advisory to the SSPI to enforce ECSection 201 to include use of the American Indian mascot as creating a hostile school environment. André Cramblit moved to approve to the request. Deborah DeForge seconded. All in favor.

Item 6―Committee Business

Laura Lee George—Asked for a motion to approve July 18, 2012, meeting minutes with this change. Rodney Lindsay moved to approve the minutes with the changes. Kathleen Marshall seconded. All in favor.

Laura Lee George—Asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting. Rachel McBride moved to adjourn the meeting. Helen Doherty seconded. All in favor.

The meeting adjourned at 4:00 p.m.

Questions: Judy Delgado | | 916-319-0506 
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