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Child Care Best Practices Survey

Child Care Survey
SB 1104 (Chapter 229, Statutes of 2004)
  1. What forms are used for application, verification, and reporting?
  2. What measures are in place to ensure proper completion of forms (e.g., second-level reviews, random quality control audits, and staff training)?
  3. Do you have written policies and procedures to ensure staff performs their functions consistently and in compliance with applicable laws, regulations and CDSS policies? If yes, when were they last updated?
Fraud Identification and Referral
  1. What type of criteria (indicators for both clients and providers) have you established to identify possible fraud?
  2. What training and/or resources are available for CWD staff, child care agency personnel, case managers, CalWORKs caseworkers, and other involved entities to assist them in identifying potential child care fraud?
  3. What is your process for referring cases of potential child care fraud to your SIU?
Information Sharing
  1. What system(s) have you established to ensure adequate communication between the CWD, the Alternative Payment Providers, child care agency personnel, case managers, CalWORKs caseworkers, and other involved entities to ensure proper management of services?
  2. Is there a centralized computerized data system that provides detailed case information, including child care related information? If so, who from the list above has access to this system?
Provider/Client Verification
  1. What procedures are in place to verify that a provider is actually providing the services for which they are being paid, or that a provider is not receiving public benefit assistance while omitting provider income?
  2. Describe your processes for verifying and reconciling child care attendance sheets, provider payment documents, client employment records, etc.
  3. What is your process for ensuring that all applicable parties are notified when a provider loses his/her license, and what steps are taken once notification is received?
Due Process
  1. Describe your process for ensuring that applicants and child care providers are aware of the types of activities that would constitute child care fraud. Are clients and providers provided information on the consequences of committing fraudulent activities? If yes, please describe your process.
  2. Are Notices of Action relating to changes in child care payments sent to recipients prior to pursuing adverse actions (i.e., overpayment, discontinuance, denial)?
  3. Please describe your administrative appeal process for a client to appeal a county's action(s).
Child Care Investigations
  1. How many investigators are in your SIU? How many investigators do you have currently assigned to conduct child care fraud cases? Do you consider this staffing level to be sufficient?
  2. Are there any factors limiting your department's ability to investigate child care fraud cases (e.g., personnel, funding, or lack of knowledge of child care issues)?
Best Practices
  1. Please share any of your processes or practices relating to child care fraud deterrence, identification and/or investigation for possible incorporation into a list of Best Practices for publication on a statewide website.
Questions:   Early Education and Support Division | 916-322-6233
Last Reviewed: Wednesday, May 18, 2016
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