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Management Bulletin 11-16

Early Education and Support Division

Subject: Elimination of State Funding for Child Development Centralized Eligibility List activities

Number: 11-16

Date: May 16, 2011

Expires: Until Rescinded

Authority: California Education Code, Section 8227

Attention: All Executive Officers and Program Directors of All Child Care and Development Programs and All County Centralized Eligibility List Administrators


The purpose of this Management Bulletin (MB) is to inform all Early Education and Support Division (EESD) direct service contractors of the elimination of state-funded Centralized Eligibility List (CEL) contracts as of July 1, 2011. It provides direction on the actions that must be taken by direct service contractors currently participating in the CEL.


The Administration has proposed eliminating Fiscal Year (FY) 2011–12 funding for county CELs. Given the current fiscal climate, as well as the reductions to existing child care and development programs enacted by Senate Bill 70 (Chapter 7, Statutes of 2011), the California Department of Education is not optimistic that there will be funding for county CELs next year. Contracts will not be issued for the FY 2011–12 CEL and as of July 1, 2011, counties will no longer operate a state-funded CEL.


All EESD direct service contractors should continue to use the state-funded CEL through June 30, 2011. This would include drawing down family/child information based on contract/program requirements for the purpose of filling program vacancies.

The EESD would encourage that an entity within each county continue to operate a locally-funded CEL that could provide services to EESD-funded and other child care and development programs.

MB 11-15 provides directions to CEL Administrators on the process by which families must be noticed of the elimination of the state mandate for a CEL, as well as directions of the new options for placement on a child care waiting list.

Participation in a Locally-Funded CEL

EESD contractors electing to subscribe to a locally-funded CEL can claim the subscription cost as an allowable administrative expense.

Maintaining a Contractor Waiting List

In situations where either there is no entity that will continue a locally-funded CEL, or an EESD contractor elects not to participate in the local CEL, the contractors must establish their own waiting list for purposes of enrollment into the program pursuant to California Code of Regulations, Title 5, Section 18106.

Contractors may request data from the current CEL prior to July 1 in order to create these lists. The contractor must inform the CEL Administrator that they are establishing their own waiting list and would like to use data from the CEL. Families that would be placed on the waiting list must be informed by the EESD contractor that this information is going to be used for placement purposes. Families must also be provided the option to not participate in the contractor-specific waiting list and it is recommended they be given a due date to decide.

Questions regarding the establishment of a locally-funded CEL should be addressed to Lidia Renteria at Any other questions should be addressed to your assigned Field Services Consultant or by phone at 916-322-6233.

This Management Bulletin is mandatory only to the extent that it cites a specific statutory and/or regulatory requirement. Any portion of this Management Bulletin that is not supported by a specific statutory and/or regulatory requirement is not prescriptive pursuant to California Education Code Section 33308.5.

Questions:   Early Education and Support Division | 916-322-6233
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