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Management Bulletin 11-32

Child Development Division

Subject: Travel and Per Diem Rates Number: 11-32
Authority: California Code of Regulations, Title 5, Education, Section 18034(j)

Date: October 2011

Expires: Until Rescinded

Attention: Executive Officers and Program Directors of all Child Care and Development Programs

The purpose of this Management Bulletin is to rescind and replace Management Bulletin 11-18 in order to provide updated information governing child development contractor travel and per diem rates.


In accordance with California Code of Regulations (CCR), Title 5, Education, Section 18034(j), travel and per diem expenses for child development contractors are to be reimbursed at rates not to exceed those paid to the majority of the California Department of Education's (CDE) represented employees, computed in accordance with CCR, Title 2, Division 1, Chapter 3, Article 2. The CDE was recently notified by the Department of Personnel Administration that reimbursement for mileage has increased. The new rates became effective on July 1, 2011.

Regulatory Requirement

Child Development Division (CDD) contractors should now utilize the revised rates contained in the attachments to this management bulletin. If reimbursement has already been provided for travel on or after July 1, 2011, and additional reimbursement is claimed in accordance with these revised rules, payments may be processed to take advantage of the new rates. The revised rates and rules are summarized in the attached document. Contractors are urged to read this document carefully. While some of the rules may appear to be applicable to State employees only, in accordance with CCR, Title 5, provisions, the CDD applies these same standards to travel reimbursement that is paid with child development contract funds.

Please note that reimbursement for meals and incidentals has been and continues to be for actual expenses only. Although receipts for meals need not be attached to travel reimbursement documentation, the per diem amounts are maximums and not an automatic allowance. They must also adhere to the following:

Please direct any questions you may have to your assigned CDD Field Services Consultant.

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A Summary of the State of California
Short-Term Travel Expense Reimbursement Program

Conditions of Travel

Effective 1/1/92, reimbursement shall not be made for meal and lodging expenses incurred within 50 miles of home or headquarters.

Receipts are required for each item of expense for street cars, ferry fares, bridge and road tolls, local transit, taxis, shuttles or hotel buses, and parking over $10.00; business phone calls over $5.00; all gas for rental cars; and all lodging, regardless of amount.

All travel and business expenses are to be incurred as a result of conducting official business, and are subject to review or verification by the approval authority.

Short-Term Travel
Lodging Reimbursement Rates–In State

Applicable when State business requires an overnight stay and the employee uses a good, moderately priced commercial lodging establishment (hotel, motel, bed and breakfast or public campground) that caters to the short-term traveler, and for day trips of less than 24 hours.

Note: Use the Lodging Reimbursement rates External link opens in new window or tab. located on the Department of Personnel Administration Web site. The Web site contains information for lodging establishments priced within state rates. Keep your receipts.

Lodging Reimbursement–receipt required

Statewide, except as below: Up to $ 84.00 + tax

Los Angeles and San Diego Counties: Up to $110.00 + tax

San Francisco, Alameda, San Mateo, and Santa Clara Counties: Up to $140.00 + tax

Note: Get a confirmation number when you make your reservations and use it when you check in. Travelers who do not provide a lodging receipt are eligible to claim meals/incidentals only as appropriate to the time frames of travel. (See below for rates and time frames.)

Meals and Incidentals (each 24 hour period)

Breakfast: $ 6.00
Lunch: $10.00
Dinner: $18.00
Incidentals: $ 6.00

Note: You must retain all meal receipts for audit by the State or the Internal Revenue Service.

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Time Frames
First Day: Trip of more than 24 hours

Trip begins at or before 6 a.m.: May claim breakfast
Trip begins at or before 11 a.m.: May claim lunch
Trip begins at or before 5 p.m.: May claim dinner

Fractional Day: After 24 hours of travel

Trip ends at or after 8 a.m.: May claim breakfast
Trip ends at or after 2 p.m.: May claim lunch
Trip ends at or after 7 p.m.: May claim dinner

Fractional Day: Trip of less than 24 hours

Trip must begin at or before 6 a.m. and end at or after 9 a.m. in order to claim breakfast.
Trip must begin at or before 4 p.m. and end at or after 7 p.m. in order to claim dinner.
No lunch or incidentals may be claimed.

Note: Full meals included in airfare, hotel, and conference fees, or otherwise provided may not also be claimed for reimbursement. The same meal may not be claimed more than once on any date. Continental breakfasts of rolls, coffee, and juice are not considered full meals.


Reimbursement for transportation expenses will only be for the method of transportation that is in the best interest of the State, considering both direct expense and the employee’s time. When an employee chooses a method of transportation that is more costly than the normal method of travel (driving a personal vehicle instead of flying), reimbursement will be the lower amount.

Mileage Reimbursement Rates

The rate claimed shall be considered full reimbursement for all costs related to the operation and maintenance of the vehicle, including both liability and comprehensive insurance.

Automobile: 55.5 cents per mile
Private aircraft: Up to 50 cents per mile
Bicycle: Up to 4 cents per mile

If dropped off and picked up at a common carrier and no parking expense is claimed, mileage to and from the common carrier may be claimed at the above appropriate rate times twice the number of miles you actually occupy the vehicle (pays for each round trip).


Rooms that are contracted by the sponsors for the event.

State Sponsored:

Lodging with receipt: Up to $110.00 + tax

Non-State Sponsored:

Lodging with receipt up to the rate contracted for the event.

Out-of-State Travel

Lodging with receipt: actual expense (subject to Department approval)

Meals/incidentals: same rates/requirements as in-state reimbursement.

Out-of Country Travel

Lodging with receipt: actual expense (subject to Department approval)

Meals/incidentals: as published by the U.S. Government for dates and places traveled.

This Management Bulletin is mandatory only to the extent that it cites a specific statutory and/or regulatory requirement. Any portion of this Management Bulletin that is not supported by a specific statutory and/or regulatory requirement is not prescriptive pursuant to California Education Code, Section 33308.5.

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