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CDMIS Update Issue #5

Child Development Management Information System (CDMIS)
January 4, 2006

Changes and New Features!

This issue of the CDMIS UPDATE summarizes the many changes and improvements that have been made to the CDMIS in the last few months, including the addition of new features to make your job easier.

Data Definitions

The Data Definitions have been significantly revised. All CDMIS users should read the revised Data Definitions while paying close attention to the sections listed below. For those who wish to print the entire list, all the information fields are available in the Data Definitions (DOC; Revised 05-Jan-2011) document. Highlights of the revisions to the Data Definitions include the following:

New Features

A Reminder About the CDD-800

As previously announced, the Early Education and Support Division will not be requiring agencies to submit the EESD-800 form this year. The changes made to the system that became effective with the October 2004 report period will permit the CDMIS to prepare this report for agencies using the monthly data that have already been submitted.

Stay tuned for more CDMIS UPDATES. CDMIS staff welcomes your comments, as well as suggestions for topics to be discussed in these CDMIS UPDATES.


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