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Child Care Facilities Revolving Loan Fund

Program Information


The Child Care Facilities Revolving Fund (CCFRF) is a lease-purchase program that provides funding to eligible California Department of Education (CDE) child care and development contracting agencies for the acquisition of relocatable buildings.


Chapter 299, Statutes of 1997, established the CCFRF for the purchase of new relocatable child care facilities for lease to school districts and contracting agencies that provide child care and development services. The CDE’s Early Education and Support Division (EESD) administers the CCFRF program in accordance with California Education Code (EC) Section 8278.3.

Program Description

The CCFRF is the State’s lease-purchase program for relocatable child care facilities. All funds advanced from the CCFRF must be repaid by the contracting agency over ten years, with no interest. In accordance with EC 8278.3, funding is limited to only existing contracting agencies that provide CDE-subsidized child care program services. These include the following EESD administered programs: (1) General Child Care and Development; (2) California State Preschool; (3) Migrant Child Care and Development; (4) Child Care and Development Services for Children with Exceptional Needs; and (5) California School Age Families Education.

Child care agencies may apply for up to $210,000 for each single, freestanding relocatable building (basic building consisting of three 12 by 40 foot modules) and up to $70,000 maximum for each additional module added to the basic building. Eligible program costs include building expenses, architect and inspection fees, site development, and site improvement costs.

Approved applications are funded in two phases: (1) the initial funding at 60 percent and (2) the final funding at 40 percent (based on project costs or up to the contract’s maximum allowance, whichever is less). CCFRF contracting agencies begin making lease repayments to the CDE 180 days after the final funding has been released. Payments are amortized over ten years without interest. Upon full repayment, facility title transfers from the State of California to the CCFRF contracting agencies.

Annual Reports

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