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Each newsletter release offers the reader articles on a variety of topics of interest to teachers and administrators of early care and education programs.

Guidance for Partnerships
Interagency Agreements

These agreements between the federal Administration for Children and Families, Head Start, and the California Department of Education (Part B) and California Department of Developmental Services (Part C) may be used by local Head Start programs as models for the development for local agreements with education agencies and regional centers.

Part B Interagency Agreement - California Department of Education - Administration for Children and Families
Part C Memorandum of Understanding - California Department of Developmental Services - Administration for Children and Families
Other Resources
  • Alignment between the Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework and the California Preschool Learning Foundations (DOC)
    This document was developed by WestEd through a process facilitated by the California Head Start Collaboration Office in partnership with the California Head Start Association and the California Center of the Office of Head Start Training and Technical Assistance Network, and supports Head Start education managers and education supervisors by demonstrating the ways in which these two sources align with each other, and the ways in which they share similar goals for children in all areas of learning and development. The alignment of the Head Start Early Learning Framework with the California Preschool Learning Foundations provides a valuable resource to facilitate the coordinated and aligned functioning of all the components of education in an early childhood program–curriculum goals, teaching strategies, and assessment.
  • The Alignment of the California Preschool Learning Foundations with Key Early Education Resources
    This online publication shows the connections that the nine domains of the preschool learning foundations have with the content of the California Infant/Toddler Learning and Development Foundations, the California Content Standards, the Common Core State Standards, and the Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework.
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Last Reviewed: Thursday, June 16, 2016
Recently Posted in Child Development
  • Management Bulletin 17-01 (added 24-Mar-2017)
    Management Bulletin 17-01 announces the fiscal year 2016-17 program self-evaluation.
  • EESD Title 5 Revisions Project (added 09-Mar-2017)
    Information and resources on the Early Education and Support Division (EESD) process to revise the California Code of Regulations, Title 5, Chapters 19 and 19.5.
  • Reimbursement Fact Sheet Fiscal Year 2016-17 (added 23-Feb-2017)
    Reimbursement Fact Sheet for Fiscal Year 2016-17.
  • Minimum Wage Brochure (PDF) (added 21-Feb-2017)
    A summarization of the findings and recommendations from the Minimum Wage Task Force regarding the minimum wage increase's effects on child care and development programs and families.
  • Management Bulletin 17-03 (added 14-Feb-2017)
    Management Bulletin 17-03 informs child care contractors and providers that a digital signature is considered a type of electronic signature.

  • Management Bulletin 17-04 (added 14-Feb-2017)
    Management Bulletin 17-04 informs child care contractors they are authorized to use digital signatures.
  • Plumas County LPC Priorities (XLS) (added 09-Feb-2017)
    Plumas County Local Planning Council Priorities Submission Form.
  • Electronic Submission of LPC Priorities (added 09-Feb-2017)
    Local Planning Councils (LPCs) are required to identify local priority areas for child care services by submitting priorities electronically.
  • Certification of LPC Priority E-Submission (PDF) (added 09-Feb-2017)
    Local Planning Councils (LPCs) are required to certify the accuracy of electronically submitted priorities for child care services with this document.