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Prekindergarten Learning Guidelines

Table of Contents



Part 1. Background

Chapter 1. Introduction

Need for the Guidelines
Related Publications
Organization of the Content

Chapter 2.  Current Issues in Early Childhood Education

General Issues
The California Context

Chapter 3. The Preschool Child

Social Development
Cognitive Development
Physical Development
The Role of Play in Children's Learning and Development
Creativity and Self-Expression

Chapter 4. The Role of the Teacher

Understanding Children 's Needs and Capabilities
Creating an Environment for Social and Emotional Learning
Accommodating a Wide Range of Abilities and Learning Styles
Balancing Teacher-Initiated and Child-Initiated Activities
Assessing How Well the Program Meets Children's Needs
Developing Strong Links with Families

Part 2: Guidelines

Chapter 5.  Program Foundations

Planning the Preschool Environment
Addressing Cultural Diversity
Planning for Assessment
Including Children with Disabilities or Other Special Needs
Involving Parents and Families
Organizing Staff Preparation and Development Programs

Chapter 6. Curriculum

Integrated Curriculum
Emergent Curriculum
Foundational Skills
Social and Emotional Development
Language and Literacy Development
Mathematics Learning and Development
Physical and Motor Development
Other Curriculum Content Areas

Part 3: Resources

Further Reading
Program Quality Standards


  1. Summary of the Guidelines
  2. Desired Results for Children and Families
  3. California Department of Education Initiatives
  4. Continuum of Teaching Behaviors
  5. Effective Observation Strategies
  6. Special Needs Legislation and Services
  7. Map to Services for Children with Special Needs and Their Families
  8. NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct and Statement of Commitment
  9. Child Development Permit Matrix

List of Tables

  1. Rethinking the Brain
  2. Relationship of Prekindergarten Activities and Competencies to California Language Arts Standards
  3. Relationship of Young Children 's Informal Mathematical Knowledge to the Mathematics Content Standards
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