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2013-14 Annual Information Survey Instructions

Directions for completing the 2013 -14 Annual Charter School Survey.

The information on this survey comes from the California Department of Education's (CDE) charter schools database. Please make any necessary additions, corrections or modifications to the online survey to update charter school data for the 2013-14 fiscal year (FY).

Section 1 - Charter School Location(s) and Contact
School Information

Please review and edit the school information. The physical address refers to the physical location of the school or main site for non-classroom-based charter schools. Please include a mailing address if different.

If the physical address is not yet secured please use the mailing address. If neither a physical address nor mailing address is available, please use the mailing address of the authorizing local educational agency (LEA) in the interim.

Updates will be made upon finalizing a permanent school address by notifying the CDE. The CDE employs an online Web application called the Online Public Update for School (OPUS). By working with your authorizing LEA, you update their records as well as the CDE’s. The CDS Coordinator is listed on the California Public School Directory, under your charter school information.

Primary School Contact

The contact and e-mail address provided in this section is used to compile the list server used by the CDE to notify charter school contacts of important information. Please name the most suitable contact for the charter school, which are often the following: charter administrator or principal, business manager, or chief executive officer of a charter management organization.

Location of Additional Sites

If the charter school operates at additional sites- i.e., resource centers- please list the site name and addresses of all locations.

Section 2 - Education Agency that Approved the Charter

Enter the web address for the local educational agency in addition to the contact information in the provided boxes. Required fields are marked with an asterisk.

Section 3 - Site, Curriculum and Governance Structure

This is the first date of instruction, i.e., the first date the charter school has enrolled and begun serving pupils. This does not refer to the date the charter school will begin instruction in the 2013-14 school year, unless the charter school is newly operational in 2013-14.

Note that pursuant to California Education Code (EC) Section 47652, a new charter school must commence instruction between July 1 and September 30 to be eligible for any state apportionment in the corresponding fiscal year.

Renewal and Expiration Dates

These dates will be viewable, but edits cannot be made. If the charter has been recently renewed, please e-mail an electronic copy of the renewed charter, and a copy of the authorizing LEA’s approved minutes showing the charter renewal to: Remaining questions may be directed to

Type of School

Please select or verify that the charter school is correctly identified as a conversion of a public school or a startup school.

Classroom-based Instruction and Non-classroom-based Instruction

Please select or verify that the charter school is correctly identified as a classroom-based, non-classroom-based, or a combination. Please refer to EC Section 47612.5 External link opens in new window or tab. and EC Section 47634.2 External link opens in new window or tab. for clarification.

Multi-track Calendar

If the charter school operates on a multi-track calendar, for additional information please refer to the CDE Charter School Attendance, Accounting, and Instructional Time web page.


Please select or verify that the charter school is operated by, or as, a non-profit, for-profit or neither. If the charter school has not completed legal incorporation proceedings, select, “Charter School is not operated by, or as, a corporation." Upon completion, please send notification and proof of incorporation to the CDE so as to update the data accordingly. Notification may be sent directly to

Management Organization

Please select yes or no if you are part of either a Charter Management Organization or an Education Management Organization. If yes, enter the name of the organization in the provided box.

Section 4 - Facilities, Retirement and Services Information

Proposition 39 requires school districts to provide charter schools with facilities that are sufficient and reasonably equivalent to other buildings, classrooms, or facilities in the district.

If you have questions regarding this section, please refer to the Proposition 39 and Charter Schools Web page, or contact the Charter Schools Division by phone at 916-322-6029 or by e-mail at  


If the school has received a Public Charter Schools Grant Program grant, please complete the information detailing the year and month and type of grant received.


Please check the appropriate box. If the charter school is not providing educational instruction (i.e., claiming attendance) for FY 2013-14, please answer "No" and submit the survey now.

Section 5 - Special Education

Please check the appropriate box. If the charter school has not taken action to join a Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA) or has not been approved by a SELPA, the school is considered a "public school" of the authorizing agency that approved the charter for purposes of special education. If the charter school has been approved to participate as an LEA in a SELPA, please indicate the name of the SELPA and provide the CDE with evidence of acceptance (i.e. letter of acceptance by the SELPA director) if this has not previously been done.

Section 6 - Funding
All-Charter District Schools Only

Schools in an all-charter district have the option of being funded through the district's revenue limit or under the block grant. However, each school in the district must be funded through the same option. Once the school has entered the block grant, it may not choose to return to non-block grant funding.

Continuing Schools Funding Selection on File at the CDE for FY 2013-14

The pre populated answer to the survey statement 'Last year's funding model:_____' indicates the current funding selection on file at the CDE for charter schools that operated in FY 2012-13. A continuing charter school is one that was operating and received funding in FY 2012-13. A continuing school with 'Local' or 'Direct' as the funding model that wants to change its funding selection for FY 2013-14 must do so in the next question on the survey.

Please note that the funding selection 'Local' or 'Direct' applies only to a charter school that has pupils eligible for funding under the block grant funding model.

Note: Section 15 of Senate Bill 4 of the 2009-10 Third Extraordinary Session (SBX3 4) (Chapter 12, Statutes of 2009), changed the way many categorical programs are funded. For fiscal years 2009-10 through 2014-15, these program funds are allocated to charter schools in the same relative proportion as they received in 2008-09 (for most programs). Caution should be used in switching between funding models for fiscal years 2009-10 through 2014-15, as that switch may have adverse effects on a charter school's categorical allocations. This is because the charter school’s "relative proportion" remains how it was in 2008-09 but switching between funding models (local vs. direct) may make the school ineligible to receive funding for some programs. For more information on SBX3 4, go to the Education Budget Web page.

New Charter Schools Choice of Local or Direct Block Grant Funding

Each new school - including conversion charter schools - must make a selection.

Except for certain all-charter districts and county office of education authorized schools, all charter schools must be either directly or locally funded. The decision on whether to be funded directly or locally will impact the method of allocation of the block grant funding provided to the charter school, rather than the amount of allocation. However, this decision may impact the amount of funding a charter school receives for programs that are not included in the block grant. This decision may be reconsidered on an annual basis. Because funding for many of the programs not in the block grant are based on prior-year enrollment or requires a separate application process, a new charter school may not have the eligibility, resources, or expertise to independently access these funds in a timely manner. Therefore, the CDE encourages funding locally through the district in the first year of operation. The CDE also encourages all charter schools that may desire direct funding to review the information for direct funded charters and to discuss this decision with their authorizing LEA.

Non-regulatory guidance from the CDE regarding charter school apportionment and categorical funding may be found at the Apportionment & Categorical Funding Guidance Web page or by contacting the Charter Schools Division by e-mail at

Please note that the funding selection of 'Local' or 'Direct' applies only for a charter school that has pupils that are eligible for funding under the block grant funding model.

County Charters

This section pertains to charter schools approved as:

Please check the applicable box(es). Check option C only if the school's charter has been approved as a school of county wide significance, i.e., county wide benefit.

The district of residence may be responsible for the transfer of the in-lieu of property tax portion of the charter school's general purpose entitlement pursuant to EC sections 47632 and EC 47635. The transfer of the in-lieu of property taxes is required to be made monthly based on the amount certified by the State Superintendent of Public Instruction. As such, the CDE recommends that the charter school contact each school district of residence as early as possible to identify the average daily attendance (ADA) that will be reported to the CDE and to discuss the methodology for the transfer of the in-lieu of taxes.

Questions:   Charter Schools Division | | 916-322-6029
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