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2006-07 Grant Cycle Dissemination Projects

Public Charter School Grant Program (PCSGP) dissemination projects that include topics on disadvantaged students, organizational structure, and staff development.
Topic(s): Project-Based Learning

This project seeks to bring Envision Schools’ project-based learning method to schools who seek a proven-effective tool to raise student achievement.

Recipient: Marin School of Arts and Technology

Contact: Jeri Howland, 415-348-9955,

Product(s): Video documentary; digital school visit toolkit; digital implementation toolkit.

Topic(s): Parent Involvement; Middle School Leadership Program

This project will disseminate to other schools The Classical Academy’s parent involvement program and middle school leadership program to increase student achievement

Recipient: The Classical Academy

Contact: Dana Moen, 760-546-0413,

Product(s): Onsite and online training opportunities; presentations at statewide conferences; published articles; onsite evaluations; database; printed materials

Questions: PCSGP General | | 916-322-6029 
Last Reviewed: Tuesday, February 16, 2016
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