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March 2005 Grant Cycle Dissemination Projects

Public Charter School Grant Program (PCSGP) dissemination projects that include topics on disadvantaged students, organizational structure, and staff development.
Topic(s): Participatory Governance

Based on the Alameda Community Learning Center’s one room schoolhouse model and learning community that utilizes innovative governance program that includes students, teachers, and parents in a highly functional legislative, judicial, and executive structure.

Recipient: Alameda Community Learning Center

Contact: Michael De Sousa,, 510-521-7543

Product(s): “Best practices” manual and dvd; Web site; conferences; workshops; mentoring program.


Topic(s): Home Study

This project will assist other charter schools to expand current options for students as they replicate various strands of the Charter Community School’s programs, including a database for disseminating curriculum and aggregating data into their existing delivery model; and developing and expanding their vision for community-based collaboratives in their area.

Recipient: El Dorado County Office of Education/Charter Community School Home Study Academy and Extended Day

Contact: Jeremy Meyers, 530-295-2257

Product(s): Web-based learning options for students; database; community and educational partnerships.


Topic(s): Increasing Student Achievement and Parent Satisfaction

Based on the Emerson Parkside Academy Charter’s own strategic planning process, which allows for the delineation of school-wide student achievement goals, the design and implementation of curriculum, and process benchmarking.

Recipient: Emerson Parkside Academy Charter

Contact: Alice Rubio,, 562-420-2631

Product(s): Professional journal article; mentoring; training sessions.


Topic(s): Best Practices in Elementary Education – Developing New Schools

This grant will model View Park Preparatory Accelerated Charter for charter developers in planning and opening successful new elementary schools.

Recipient: View Park Preparatory Accelerated Charter.

Contact: Mike Piscal, 323-294-8515,

Product(s): School program, teacher and staff manuals; published articles; workshop presentations.


Topic(s): Best Practices in Auditing

This grant will disseminate the Redwood Academy of Ukiah’s audit process, which incorporates the following five standards: (1) linking school  governance, business, education, personnel, and student services to the school mission; (2) ensuring each student has clear and valid educational objectives; (3) student-aligned curriculum; (4) staff-utilized assessments to improve or terminate ineffective practices; and (5) increasing student achievement.

Recipient: Redwood Academy of Ukiah.

Contact: Kimberly Logan, 707-467-0500,

Product(s): Self-examination tools; training sessions; article publication; Web-based training program.


Topic(s): Best Practices in Educational Innovations and Accountability

Based on the International School of Monterey’s innovative educational program that improves student academic achievement and overall school quality in the context of local, state, and federal accountability measures.

Recipient: International School of Monterey.

Contact: Chrissie Jahn, 831-583-2165,

Product(s): Workshop; mentorship program; article publication.


Topic(s): English Language Learner Curriculum

This project will disseminate the Ralph A. Gates Charter Language Academy’s research-based flexible grouping strategies for teaching reading and mathematics in dual-language immersion programs.

Recipient: Ralph A. Gates Charter Language Academy  .

Contact: Jane Schrenzel, 949-837-2260        

Product(s): Training sessions; visitations; needs assessments; surveys; article publication.


Topic(s): Core Knowledge Curriculum

Based on the Rocklin Academy’s success in its exemplary Core Knowledge curriculum, this grant will assist charter developers, community-based organizations, and others seeking to create high-quality charter schools.

Recipient: Rocklin Academy.

Contact: Dave Patterson, 916-632-6580,

Product(s): Seminars; conferences; web-based outreach and support tools; written materials; creation of the California-based Core Knowledge Resource Center; and a California-based Training Center for Core Knowledge teachers and administrators.


Topic(s): Improving Academic Achievement in Science

This grant will disseminate Temecula Preparatory School’s science model to charter and non-charter schools to improve student achievement, measured by student achievement data and participant feedback.

Recipient: Temecula Preparatory School.

Contact: Karen Henson,, 951-926-6776

Product(s): Establish a model demonstration site at Temecula Preparatory School; conferences; training materials.


Topic(s): Strategies for At-Risk Students

Based on Antelope View Charter School’s independent study program, this project seeks to teach its proven best practices to improve academic performance of their students, particularly those students who are most “at-risk.”

Recipient: Antelope View Charter School.

Contact: Mary Navarro,, Lyn McCarty,      

Product(s): Video documentary; workbook; full-day workshop; mentoring program.


Topic(s): Working with Diverse Learning Populations

Based on High Tech High’s project-based learning approach with students and small school restructuring strategies, this project offers teaching professionals an opportunity to build knowledge and leadership in a real-world classroom setting.

Recipient: High Tech High.

Contact: Larry Rosenstock,, 619-243-5000            

Product(s): Workshops; classroom observations; partnerships; published project documentation; conference.


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