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Special Education

Information regarding Special Education compliance and issues facing charter schools.

Applying Federal Civil Rights Laws to Public Charter Schools: Questions and Answers [] External link opens in new window or tab.
Answers to civil rights-related questions that charter school developers and operators have raised.

Special Education - Procedural Safeguards Referral Service []
Compliance or program questions regarding Special Education can now be made directly to the California Department of Education's Special Education Division by calling 800-926-0648.

Practices for Working with Charter Schools & Children with Disabilities Attending the Charter Schools May-00 []
Clarification on the responsibility of a local education agency (LEA) and a special education local plan area (SELPA) regarding the participation of charter schools in special education local plans.

Questions: Charter School Staff | | 916-322-6029 
Last Reviewed: Wednesday, February 17, 2016
Recently Posted in Charter Schools
  • Charter School Closures List Fiscal Year 2016-17 (XLS) (added 25-Oct-2016)
    This is a list of Charter Schools that have closed with notifications submitted to the California Department of Education, Charters Schools Division, for the Fiscal Year 2016-17.
  • Instructions for Nonclassroom-Based Funding Determ (DOC) (added 20-Oct-2016)
    Instructions for obtaining a funding determination request for Nonclassroom-Based Funding for Fiscal Year 2016-17 from the Charter School Division, California Department of Education.
  • Mitigating Circumstances Request Form (XLS) (added 20-Oct-2016)
    Form for Nonclassroom-Based Funding Determination requesting Mitigating Circumstances for FY 2016-17 Summary and Recommendation.
  • Nonclassroom-Based Funding Determinations (XLS) (added 20-Oct-2016)
    Form for Nonclassroom-Based Funding Determination for FY 2016-17 Summary and Recommendation.
  • SB740 Webinar Powerpoint (PDF) (added 20-Oct-2016)
    Nonclassroom-Based Instruction Request for Funding Determination Fiscal Year 2016-17 Webinar.