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Charter Submission Package and Numbering Deadlines

Charter Submission Package and Deadlines for SBE Numbering

Listed below are the deadlines and required documents for submitting a Charter Submission Package in order to receive a charter number from the State Board of Education (SBE). A charter number must be assigned by the SBE before a County-District-School code can be issued.

E-mailed numbering requests will not be accepted. All items listed in the Charter Submission Package are to be postmarked by 5 p.m. on the due dates listed below:

State Board of Education Meeting Dates Charter Submission Package Deadline
January 15-16, 2014
November 15, 2013
March 12-13, 2014
January 10, 2014
May 7-8, 2014
March 7, 2014
July 9-10, 2014
May 2, 2014
September 3-4, 2014
July 3, 2014
November 13-14, 2014
August 29, 2014

Mail complete Charter Submission Packages to the following address:

California Department of Education
Charter Schools Division
Attn: Charter Submission Package
1430 N Street, Suite 5401
Sacramento, CA 95814

Package Details

All packages must include the following:
Additional helpful information:

Guidance for completing a Charter Submission Package
A guide to completing the Notice of Charter School Numbering including contact information.

Please note that incomplete packages cannot be forwarded to the State Board of Education for numbering.


Approximately one week after the postmarked deadline, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the contact provided on the Application for Charter School Number. Additionally, the SBE agenda is posted ten days prior to the meeting at the following location; Current and Past Agenda Items for the SBE. The item for Numbering is typically at the end of the agenda with the Consent Items.

Additional Applications to be completed:

The following applications should be submitted prior to opening the school. Please note the County-District-School code cannot be assigned more than 12 months before opening and must contain an original signature of the authorizing district superintendent. These applications may be submitted to the contact indicated on the form.


FAQs and Tips for Completing a Charter Submission Package

Charter Number and CDS Code Purpose

CDE Staff Contacts:

Charter Schools Division,, 916-322-6029

CDS Administration,, 916-327-4014

CALPADs Operations Office,, 916-324-6738

PENSEC,, 916-324-4541

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