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Charter School Numbering

Information for requesting a charter school number from the State Board of Education.

Due Dates for Numbering Applications
Deadlines for submitting new charter school numbering applications for consideration at State Board of Education (SBE) meetings.

Application for a Charter School Number (DOC; Revised 09-May-2014)
To be submitted with the Charter Submission Package in order to receive a charter number from the State Board of Education (SBE). The form was revised May 2014.

Guidance for completing a Charter Submission Package
A guide to completing the Notice of Charter School Numbering including contact information.

List of Items to be Submitted When Applying for a Charter Number
This page lists each item to be submitted to the Charter Schools Division for new charter schools applying for a charter number.

Questions: Charlene Schmid | | 916-323-0482 
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