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Instructions for Accessing DataQuest Reports

Instructions to access English Learner information on DataQuest.

The 15 percent and above statistics for a district’s schools are being provided by the California Department of Education as a special report that you or your staff must access at DataQuest, the CDE’s online, searchable data resource. The report for your district will show a table that lists schools with language groups constituting 15 percent or more of a school’s enrollment, according to data for the 2011-12 school year, when it becomes available in early September. For any school affected by Education Code, Section 48985, the languages listed are the ones for which translations of notifications to parents and guardians are required by the law.

Open this link to the CDE DataQuest Web site and follow these steps to access your schools' reports:

Step 1:

Begin by selecting District from the pull-down menu for Select Level. NOTE: If you are a county office, you still should select District for the purposes of this report.

Step 2:

From the Subject pull-down menu, below the heading Student Demographics, find and select English Learners. Then select Submit.

Step 3:

On the resulting page, enter the first four letters of the name of your district or county office. Select Submit.

Step 4:

On the next resulting page, select the name of your district or county office from the pull-down menu. Then, under Select a Report, select the very last report in the list, Language Groups by School Determined to Meet 15 Percent and Above Translation Need. Select Submit.

Step 5:

The resulting report will show a table that lists schools and the 15 percent and above language groups. For more complete information about the language groups at a particular school, you may select on the name of the school. In cases where a district has no schools with language groups in the 15 percent and above range, according to 2011-12 statistics, the report will so indicate, in place of any data.

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