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Sample Consortia Parent Notification Letter

Sample letter for local educational agencies to use for parent notification.
[Use District letterhead]

Dear Parent or Guardian:

[Name of district, county office or charter school] receives Title III funding from the federal government to help English learners to speak, read, and write in English and to achieve in reading and mathematics. School districts and other agencies that receive Title III funds are reviewed each year to see if they meet three objectives for their English learners:

Title III law states that local educational agencies (LEAs) that do not qualify for a $10,000 grant award must form a consortium with other LEAs so that together they qualify for a grant award of at least $10,000. For the [DISTRICT ADD] school year, [Name of district, county office or charter school] participated in a consortium with other school districts or other agencies receiving Title III funds. The consortium as a whole did not meet one or more of these targets. [Explain which of the objectives were not met.]

If you would like more information about how your child is performing on these targets, please contact your child’s teacher or school.


[District Administrator’s name]


Questions:   Lilia Sánchez | | 916-319-0265
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