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Notice of Improvement Status, Title III Year 3

Letter Head: Jack O'Connell, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, California Department of Education

September 22, 2009

Dear Select Superintendents and Charter School Administrators:

Notice of Improvement Status under Title III of No Child Left Behind

This letter serves as official notification of the local educational agency’s (LEA’s) requirements under Title III. According to our records, your LEA was a Title III consortium lead for the 2008-09 school year. LEAs that are members of a consortium no longer receive a separate Title III Accountability Report. Instead, the results for each consortium are aggregated up to the consortium level as required by the Office of English Language Acquisition of the U.S. Department of Education (ED). Consortia are held accountable as a group for meeting the Annual Measureable Achievement Objectives (AMAO) and for the consequences of not meeting the AMAO. Based upon the 2008-09 Title III Accountability Report, your consortium has not met AMAO for three consecutive years and has been identified as:

  • Title III Year 3
Title III Requirements

Your consortium is subject to the following Title III Year 3 requirements:

  1. Within 30 days of the public release of the Title III Accountability Reports (October 8, 2009), notify parents of English learners that the LEA did not meet Title III AMAO. Sample letters, in both English and Spanish, are available on the California Department of Education Title III Accountability Technical Assistance Web page at

    According to guidance from the ED, the consortium lead is responsible for ensuring that parents of English learners in both the lead and member LEAs are notified if AMAO are not met. The lead can delegate responsibility to each of the consortium members.
  1. Implement the Title III Improvement Plan Addendum expeditiously, including all updated activities.

For more information on Title III Year 3 requirements, contact Lilia Sánchez, Education Programs Consultant, Language Policy and Leadership Office, at 916-319-0265 or by e-mail at


Chief Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction


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