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Award-Winning Exemplary Independent Study Schools

The Exemplary Independent Study Recognition Award (EISRA) Program, a joint project of the California Department of Education and the California Consortium of Independent Study (CCIS), recognizes excellent educational practices in schools where independent study is the primary mode of instruction. The intent of the award program is to create a resource list of quality programs for school visits.

Eligible applicants must have 75 percent or more of the school's students enrolled in independent study, a statewide Academic Performance Index (API) rank of six or above, and may not be in Program Improvement. Schools also must demonstrate compliance with all legal requirements for independent study. (The API is the state's accountability model. Program Improvement is a federal plan to help schools improve academically.)

As part of the EISRA application, staff, parents/guardians, and students provide narrative supporting statements and applicants provide information on seven independent study elements. The elements include local educational agency support, teacher quality, standards-aligned curriculum and materials, assessment of student academic achievement, among other elements. Schools receive the EISRA designation for three years, and the recipient schools must submit an annual assurance in order to maintain the title.

2010–11 EISRA Recipient

Award Period: 2012–2015

2009–10 EISRA Recipients

Award Period: 2011–2014

2008–09 EISRA Recipients

Award Period: 2009–2012

2007–08 EISRA Recipients

Award Period: 2008–2011

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