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Program Information

Purpose of the program, Request for Applications, application renewal dates, principal apportionment calculations, Advanced Placement, and International Baccalaureate.

The GATE program funding is now included in the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), authorized by the 2013-14 Budget Act, in place of most previously existing K–12 state funding streams.

Funding for this program will be determined at the local level. The following information about GATE may still be helpful to local educators.

California Education Code (EC) Section 52200 External link opens in new window or tab. states that, in California public elementary and secondary schools, it is in the public interest to support unique education opportunities for high-achieving and underachieving pupils who have been identified as gifted and talented. Special efforts are made to ensure that pupils from economically disadvantaged and varying cultural backgrounds are provided with full participation in these unique opportunities.

Also, the Legislature’s intent in EC Section 52200 is to improve the quality of existing GATE programs and provide for experimentation in the delivery of these programs, using a variety of programmatic approaches and cost levels.  These programs should include all of the following for GATE students:

LEAs may establish programs for gifted and talented pupils consisting of special day classes, part-time groupings, and cluster groupings. GATE curricular components may be planned and organized as integrated differentiated learning experiences within the regular school day and may be augmented or supplemented with other differentiated activities related to the core curriculum, including independent study, acceleration, postsecondary education, and enrichment. [EC Section 52206] External link opens in new window or tab.

Frequently Asked Questions

These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) address common fiscal and program issues.

More Information

Questions: Aileen Allison-Zarea | | 916-323-5252 
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