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Values and Beliefs Related to Disproportionality

Critical Values and Beliefs Related to Disproportionality in California Public Schools

The background for these critical values and beliefs related to disproportionate representation by race and ethnicity of students receiving special education services are summarized in the article Addressing the Disproportionate Representation of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students in Special Education through Culturally Responsive Educational Systems (complete analysis External link opens in new window or tab.):

“…the genesis of disproportionate representation is located beyond the borders of special education and requires a solid understanding of the intersection of culture, learning, disability, and the socio-historical constitution of educational processes and outcomes. Two issues are associated with the persistence of culturally and linguistically diverse overrepresentation in special education, namely the issues related to understanding the complexity of this problem and also difficulties associated with the use of research knowledge to address it. Ultimately, what is needed is the transformation and improvement of educational systems in culturally responsive ways.”

The following are the critical values and beliefs used to support districts and select resources:

Questions:   Focused Monitoring and Technical Assistance Consultant
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