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Title I SWP Authorization Under NCLB

Provide school districts and schools eligible for Title I Schoolwide Program funding with information about the new requirement and procedures under NCLB.

Title I Schoolwide Program (SWP) authorization under Title I, Part A of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) provides for the consolidation and use of Title I funds together with other federal, state, and local funds. It upgrades the entire educational program of a Title I school in which at least forty percent of the students are from low-income families (Section 1114 of ESEA). ESEA requires that ten components be included, they are outlined on California Department of Education's (CDE's) Schoolwide Program Web page.

Title I schools that wish to operate a Schoolwide Program subsequent to the enactment of ESEA must develop a comprehensive plan according to the steps outlined on the above referenced website, with the help of a technical assistance provider (as defined in Section 1117). These schools should develop their SWP plans over a one-year period, unless the technical assistance provider recommends and the district determines that less time is needed (Section 1114 (b)(2)(B)). Please note that schools operating SWPs before the enactment of ESEA must amend their existing plans to reflect the provisions of ESEA during the first year in which they receive technical assistance for this purpose (Section 1114 (b)(2)(B)(II)).

ESEA requires SWP plans to be developed with the involvement of parents and community members as well as by those individuals who will carry out the plan, including teachers, principals, administrators, and, if appropriate, pupil services personnel, technical assistance providers, other school staff, and (for secondary schools) students. SWP plans should clearly describe how the school will implement the components outlined in Components of a Title I Schoolwide Program Plan and how Title I and other resources will be used for this purpose. The SWP plan should include a list of state and local programs and other federal programs that will be consolidated in the schoolwide program. Other specific SWP planning requirements are contained in Section 1114 (b)(2). Section 1114 and other pertinent sections of ESEA can be accessed online at the U.S. Department of Education External link opens in new window or tab. Web site.

The LEA reports the change in Schoolwide Program status within the Consolidated Application and Reporting System, utilizing the data collection report named Title I, Part A Notice of Authorization of School Wide Program for the fiscal year in which implementation of SWP is begun. The status information provided by the LEA in this report feeds into other reports. It is therefore very important that the change in SWP status is reported in the data collection report pertaining to the correct fiscal year of the implementation. The school may implement the change to Schoolwide Program at any date on or after the local board approval date. Additionally, a school may retain their SWP status in any subsequent year following a drop below the minimum 40 percent low-income threshold.

Please provide copies of these Web pages to school board members, district and school staff, parents, technical assistance providers, and others who you think would benefit from the information.

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Last Reviewed: Tuesday, July 28, 2015

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