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Instructions for Accessing SARC Data

Access Instructions for School Accountability Report Card (SARC) template.

Districts that would like to request an extension from the statutorily-required posting date of February 1 until April 1, contact the California Department of Education (CDE) Waiver Office at 916-319-0824 for a SARC Waiver Form.

Completed waivers received by the CDE Waiver Office (signed original and electronic copy) will be heard the March 2011 State Board of Education (SBE) meeting for approval. The CDE will continue to process the remainder of the waivers, retroactively, for approval at the May 2011 SBE Meeting or later if required.

When complete, please send a hard copy of the SARC Waiver Form to the Waiver Office and an electronic copy to

Any questions about the SARC Waiver Form should be directed to CDE’s Waiver Office at 916-319-0824.

Steps for creating a SARC with data:

  1. Download the SARC Template in Word at SARC Template in Word (English) (DOC). You will enter data for your school into this document.

  2. Download the SARC Data Layout in Word (DOC). This document identifies the data files you will use to populate your SARC Template in Word with data and tells you the name of the column where you will find each data element.

  3. Download each data file from the Files to Download column in the table below.

  4. Locate your school's County-District-School Code (CDS) code within each data file.  All data within that row is data for your school.

  5. Copy and paste the data for your school from each data file to the SARC Template in Word. Use the SARC Data Layout in Word to place all data into the correct table and field.

    For example, if you are interested in populating the Student Enrollment by Grade Level Table and want to fill in the Kindergarten enrollment numbers, you would download and open “SCHENRGR.xls” and find your school’s CDS code in the column labeled “CDS” and your Kindergarten enrollment in the column labeled “KDGN”.

Table Name from SARC template

Files to Download

Contact Information

schdetil.dbf (DBF; 8MB; 09-Feb-2011)
schdetil.xls (XLS; 10MB; 09-Feb-2011)

School Description and Mission Statement

To be provided by LEA

Opportunities for Parental Involvement

To be provided by LEA

Student Enrollment by Grade Level

schenrgr.dbf (DBF; 2MB; 09-Feb-2011)
schenrgr.xls (XLS; 2MB; 09-Feb-2011)

Student Enrollment by Group

schenret.dbf (DBF; 1MB; 09-Feb-2011)
schenret.xls (XLS; 1MB; 09-Feb-2011)

Average Class Size and Class Size Distribution

To be provided by LEA

School Safety Plan

To be provided by LEA

Suspensions and Expulsions

To be provided by LEA

School Facility Conditions and Planned Improvements

To be provided by LEA

School Facility Good Repair Status

To be provided by LEA

Teacher Credentials

To be provided by LEA

Teacher Misassignments and Vacant Teacher Positions

To be provided by LEA

Core Academic Classes Taught by Highly Qualified Teachers

To be provided by LEA

Academic Counselors and Other Support Staff

To be provided by LEA

Quality, Currency, Availability of Textbooks and Instructional Materials

To be provided by LEA

Expenditures Per Pupil and School Site Teacher Salaries

expend.dbf (DBF; 09-Feb-2011)
expend.xls (XLS; 1MB; 09-Feb-2011)

Note: The CDE provides state average expenditures per pupil and district and state average teacher salaries data. The remaining data is to be provided by the LEA.

Types of Services Funded

 To be provided by LEA

Teacher and Administrative Salaries

salary.dbf (DBF; 3MB; 09-Feb-2011)
salary.xls (XLS; 4MB; 09-Feb-2011)

STAR Results for All Students

cstall.dbf (DBF; 3MB; 09-Feb-2011)
cstall.xls (XLS; 5MB; 09-Feb-2011)

STAR Results by Student Group

csteth.dbf (DBF; 5MB; 09-Feb-2011)
csteth.xls (XLS; 6MB; 09-Feb-2011)

CAHSEE Results for All Grade Ten Students

cahsees.dbf (DBF; 09-Feb-2011)
cahsees.xls (XLS; 09-Feb-2011)

CAHSEE Grade Ten Results by Student Group

cahseegr.dbf (DBF; 1MB; 09-Feb-2011)
cahseegr.xls (XLS; 2MB; 09-Feb-2011)

California Physical Fitness Test Results

Data expected by March 15, 2011.

Note: Due to the unavailability of these data, please post the SARC without Physical Fitness Test data and update the SARC after these data are available.

Academic Performance Index Ranks

apirank.dbf (DBF; 09-Feb-2011)
apirank.xls (XLS; 1MB; 09-Feb-2011)

Academic Performance Index Growth by Student Group – Three Year Comparison

apichg.dbf (DBF; 3MB; 09-Feb-2011)
apichg.xls (XLS; 3MB; 09-Feb-2011)

Academic Performance Index Growth by Student Group – 2010 Growth

apigrth.dbf (DBF; 3MB; 09-Feb-2011)
apigrth.xls (XLS; 3MB; 09-Feb-2011)

Adequate Yearly Progress Overall and by Criteria

ayp.dbf (DBF; 1MB; 09-Feb-2011)
ayp.xls (XLS; 2MB; 09-Feb-2011)

Federal Intervention Program

pi.dbf (DBF; 1MB; 09-Feb-2011)
pi.xls (XLS; 1MB; 09-Feb-2011)

Dropout Rate and Graduation Rate

dropout.dbf (DBF; 1MB; 18-Apr-2011)
dropout.xls (XLS; 2MB; 18-Apr-2011)

Completion of High School Graduation Requirements

cahsestg.dbf (DBF; 09-Feb-2011)
cahsestg.xls (XLS; 09-Feb-2011)

Career Technical Education Programs

To be provided by LEA

Career Technical Education Participation

To be provided by LEA

Courses for University of California and/or California State University Admission

To be provided by LEA

Advanced Placement Courses

To be provided by LEA

Professional Development

To be provided by LEA

Questions: SARC TEAM | | 916-319-0406 
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