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Title I LEA Program Improvement Requirements

The chart provides a timeline for Program Improvement (PI) requirements to local educational agencies (LEAs) that are Title I funded.
PI Year 1 PI Year 2 PI Year 3
Plan Implementation
Corrective Action

State Educational Agency (SEA)

Disseminate Program Improvement (PI) results with assistance of LEA to general public.

Provide or arrange for technical assistance to LEA.

Local Educational Agency (LEA)

Notify parents, with SEA assistance, of

  • The identification of LEA as PI
  • Reasons for PI identification
  • How parents can get involved in improving LEA
  • Actions the SEA will take to improve the LEA.

Administer the Academic Program Survey (APS) at selected schools and verify results.

Complete the District Assistance Survey (DAS), the English Learner Subgroup Self Assessment (ELSSA) and the Inventory of Services and Supports (ISS) for Students with Disabilities.

In consultation with parents and school staff, write Addendum to the LEA Plan and submit to CDE within three months of identification.

Expeditiously implement LEA Plan Addendum.

Reserve no less than 10% of the LEA’s Title I, Part A allocation for high-quality professional development.

If funding is provided in the annual Budget Act, contract with an external entity to verify assessment results.


Continue to provide technical assistance to LEA.


Continue to:

  • Implement LEA Plan Addendum
  • Reserve no less than 10% of the LEA’s Title I allocation for high-quality professional development.


Continue to provide technical assistance to LEA.

Take corrective action for each LEA in PI Year 3, invoking at least one of seven federal sanctions:

  • Defer programmatic funds or reduce administrative funds.
  • Institute new curriculum and professional development for staff.
  • Replace LEA staff.
  • Remove individual schools from jurisdiction of LEA and arrange for governance.
  • Appoint trustee in place of superintendent and school board.
  • Abolish or restructure LEA.
  • In conjunction with one of the above, SEA may authorize student transfers to a school not in PI in another LEA, with paid transportation.

Provide public hearing to LEA within 45 days following notice of corrective action.


Notify parents/public of corrective action taken by SEA.

Revise LEA Plan to document steps to fully implement SBE-assigned sanction.

Questions:   District Innovation & Improvement Office | 916-319-0836
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