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Resources for LEAs in PI Years 1-3

Local educational agencies (LEAs) in Program Improvement (PI) should reference the resources listed below to fully implement the federal and state requirements to which they are subject.

The State Board of Education (SBE) and the California Department of Education (CDE) are working collectively to seek relief from the current federal implementation requirements that are believed no longer useful in identifying which schools and LEAs need improvement or appropriate intervention. However, until the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) is reauthorized or the State receives approval of the California specific waiver that was submitted on June 15, 2012, all LEAs receiving Title I, Title II, and Title III funds must adhere to the current federal requirements.

Timeline for Requirements for PI LEAs Three-year chart outlining requirements for PI LEAs.

PI Years 1 and 2

Guidance and documents for LEAs in PI Year 1 are available on the Year 1 Program Improvement Requirements for LEAs Web page.

2010 PowerPoint Presentation focused on Program Improvement Years 1 and 2 (PDF)
This presentation covers requirements and resources for LEAs identified for PI Year 1 and Year 2.

PI Year 3

Corrective Action

An LEA that advances to PI Year 3 is subject to Corrective Action, and the SBE is required to select and impose at least one of seven federal sanctions, cited at Education Code (EC) Section 52055.57(c). To date, the SBE has assigned Corrective Action 6:

“Instituting and fully implementing a new curriculum that is based on state academic content and achievement standards, including providing appropriate professional development based on scientifically based research for all relevant staff that offers substantial promise of improving educational achievement for high-priority pupils."

LEA Plan Template Technical Assistance Document (DOC; Revised Mar-2013)
Suggestions for developing an effective LEA Plan for LEAs in Corrective Action.

LEA Plan Template for LEAs in Corrective Action (DOC; Revised Mar-2013)
Template for LEAs in PI Year 3 to use when revising their LEA Plans.

LEA Plan Rubric (DOC)
Rubric to guide LEAs in PI Year 3 Corrective Action in revising their LEA Plans. This rubric is used in the review of the revised LEA Plans.

LEA Plans for LEAs in PI Year 3
Access to local links to LEA Corrective Action Plans.

PI Year 3 Evidence of Progress Webinar External link opens in new window or tab.
August 28, 2013, video of the Webinar providing guidelines for LEAs in PI Year 3 submitting end-of-year Evidence of Progress.

PowerPoint Presentation of the PI Year 3 Evidence of Progress Webinar (PDF)
August 28, 2013, PowerPoint Presentation of the Webinar designed to support PI Year 3 districts in meeting the Evidence of Progress requirement that was approved by the SBE in November 2012.

Technical Assistance Requirements

Under ESEA, Section 1116(c)(10)(B)(iii), states are required to provide technical assistance while instituting any corrective action. California EC Section 52059(e) provides that the Superintendent may recommend, and the SBE may approve, that an LEA identified for corrective action contract with a district assistance and intervention team (DAIT) or other technical assistance provider. The assignment of technical assistance requirements is based upon LEA need.

DAIT and Technical Assistance Provider Standards and Criteria (DOC)
In September 2009, the SBE adopted revised standards for the work of a DAIT or other technical assistance provider. The full State Board of Education item, including Attachment 1 (Revised Standards for District Improvement and the Focus of Work of a District Assistance and Intervention Team) and Attachment 2 (Matrix Comparing Standards Adopted in 2006 and Proposed Standards for District Improvement and the Focus of Work of a District Assistance and Intervention Team) is available electronically at the above link.

Approved DAIT Provider Organizations
List of organizations approved by the CDE to serve as DAIT Providers, along with contact information for each provider.

Support for Guiding LEA Plan Development

December 8, 2011, Webinar focuses on the development of the LEA Plan for LEAs entering PI Year 3 Corrective Action to clairify expectations about Plan development that fits within the current framework of ESEA requirements and current SBE guidance.

A series of training modules which provide a process for technical assistance providers to guide systemic LEA Plan development with districts in PI.

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