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Year 1 Program Improvement Requirements for LEAs

Addendum to Local Educational Agency Plan

The State Board of Education (SBE) and the California Department of Education (CDE) are working collectively to seek relief from the current federal implementation requirements that are believed no longer useful in identifying which schools and local educational agencies (LEAs) need improvement or appropriate intervention. However, until the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) is reauthorized, all LEAs receiving Title I funds must adhere to current federal requirements.

ESEA Section 1116(c)(7)(A) requires that LEAs identified for Program Improvement (PI) shall, not later than three months after being identified, develop or revise an LEA Plan, in consultation with parents, school staff, and others. Rather than completely rewriting the district’s existing LEA Plan, the CDE recommends writing a Plan Addendum to address the items described below. A template for the LEA Plan Addendum (DOC; Updated Jan-2014) is available, along with a review guideline (DOC; Updated Jan-2014).

LEAs should begin the plan revision with an analysis of the reason(s) for PI identification. The LEA should conduct an in-depth analysis of its achievement data patterns and current educational practices to determine whether it obtained PI status because of the achievement or participation rate of a single group, or because of multiple low achievement trends across grade spans and/or subject areas. The state has developed several analytic tools (listed below) to inform the LEA planning process. Use of these tools is required to ensure that the needs of all students are addressed. (California Education Code Section 52055.57[b]) LEAs should begin implementing the plans outlined in the LEA Plan Addendum immediately upon its completion and local board approval.

Plan Addendum for LEAs in PI Year 1 Webinar

This is a presentation of the Plan Addendum for Local Educational Agencies in Program Improvement Year 1 Webinar on February 13, 2014, as presented by the Improvement and Accountability Division of the California Department of Education. This webinar reviewed the requirements and resources for the Plan Addendum for local educational agencies in Program Improvement Year 1.

Content Requirements for LEA Plan Addendum

According to provisions in ESEA, the LEA Plan Addendum is required to meet all requirements specified in ESEA Section 1116(c)(7)(A)(i) through (viii):

Tools for Revising LEA Plan

In amending the plan, Education Code Section 52055.57(b) requires that LEAs use the following state-developed tools to ensure key ESEA requirements identified above are addressed:

The above-mentioned tools are available through the State Program Assessment Tools Web page on the CDE Web site.

Time-Sensitive Requirements

An electronic copy of the Addendum should be uploaded to the California Accountability and Information System (CAIS) External link opens in new window or tab. no later than Friday, April 4, 2014. The LEA Plan Addendum must be approved by the local governing board. By submitting the local board approved LEA Addendum in lieu of the original signature assurance page in hard copy, the LEA certifies that the Addendum has been locally adopted and original signed copies of the assurances are on file in the LEA. The certification reads:

Certification: I hereby certify that all of the applicable state and federal rules and regulations will be observed by this LEA and that, to the best of my knowledge, information contained in this Plan is correct and complete. Legal assurances for all programs are accepted as the basic legal condition for the operation of selected projects and programs and copies of assurances are retained onsite. I certify that we accept all general and program specific assurances for Titles I, II, and/or III as appropriate, except for those for which a waiver has been obtained. A copy of all waivers will remain on file. I certify that actual ink signatures for this LEA Plan/Plan Addendum/Action Plan are on file, including signatures of any required external providers.

Questions regarding the development of the LEA Plan Addendum should be directed to the District Innovation & Improvement Office, at 916-319-0836.

Questions:   District Innovation & Improvement Office | 916-319-0836
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