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Nomination and Selection Process

Description of nomination and selection process for the 2015 Classified School Employees of the Year (CSEY) Program.


Candidates for the Classified School Employees of the Year award compete in the California Department of Education (CDE) state program as nominees of county offices of education (COEs). The CDE provides the COEs with the guidelines for submitting nominations along with the evaluation and selection criteria that will be used to select awardees at the state level. Each COE has the responsibility to identify their nominees through a local selection process as it deems appropriate.


The selection process begins with candidates whose names are submitted by COEs and consists of two phases:

Phase I - Review of Written Nominations

To evaluate the nominations, the CDE will convene a selection committee consisting of school, school district, and COE administrators; professional organizations; and CDE personnel. The committee will evaluate all nominations within the context of the selection criteria, which is organized around three themes:

The selection committee will recommend the finalists for each category. There is no appeal process.

Phase II - Selection of Award Winners

The State Superintendent of Public Instruction will select and announce the recipients of the Classified School Employees of the Year award. There will be one awardee in each category:

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