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Program Information for NBPTS

Overview of the Teacher Certification Incentive Program for the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS).
Note: Please refer to the Fiscal Issues Relating to Budget Reductions and Flexibility Provisions guidance letter for information on provisions that apply to all programs. The letter covers such matters as the public hearing requirement, base year funding provisions, and how funding reductions will be calculated.

The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Certification Incentive Program provides a $20,000 incentive award for California National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs) who teach in high-priority schools. This award is "granted to the extent that funds have been appropriated for this purpose in the annual Budget Act."

The NBCT Incentive Program is included in the list of flexible programs under Education Code Section 42605. For programs listed in this section, Local education agencies (LEAs) may utilize all of their program funds to provide services for the program or they may use all or part of their funds for other educational purposes and/or other categorical programs. However, one portion of the NBCT funding is specifically excluded from flexibility: “…monies that are required to fund awards for teachers that have previously met the requirements necessary to obtain these awards, until the award is paid in full.” This provision requires LEAs to continue distributing funds to teachers who were in the Incentive Program prior to April 2009 until the teacher has received his or her full award. Funds that are not needed for this purpose are flexible.

California Education Code (EC) Section 44395 External link opens in new window or tab. states "a teacher shall be assigned to teach for at least 50 percent of a full-time position." For purposes of this award, "assigned to teach" may include, but is not limited to, a teacher leadership role as a peer assistance and review coach, mentor, or other teacher support provider if the position does not require an administrative credential.

NBCTs who teach at least 50 percent time in a high-priority school (Academic Performance Index statewide rank of 5 or lower) for four consecutive years are eligible for the $20,000 incentive award, if they have not previously received this award. Thr one-time incentive award of $20,000 is paid in $5,000 installments for four consecutive years. School districts will verify that teachers have met the requirements.

For additional information about the incentive program please visit Frequently Asked Questions.

Questions: Judy Sinclair | | 916-323-5846 
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