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CELDT and Title III Accountability November Notes

November 2010 edition of the California English Language Development Test (CELDT) and Title III Accountability Program notes.
Release of CELDT 2009–10 Edition Initial Assessment Results

Initial assessment results for the 2009–10 Edition of the CELDT were posted on October 26, 2010. Annual, initial, and combined assessment results are now available at the state, county, district, and school levels on the California Department of Education (CDE) CELDT Web page.

Use of the California Modified Assessment for the Reclassification of English Learners with Disabilities

Like the California Standards Test–English language arts (CST–ELA), local educational agencies (LEAs) may use the California Modified Assessment (CMA) as a test of basic skills in accordance with the California Education Code (EC) Section 313 (d)(4). Results of the CMA may be used in conjunction with other criteria set forth in EC
Section 313 (d), to reclassify English learners with disabilities who have taken the CMA–English language arts.

Upcoming CELDT Live! Online Presentations

Educational Data Systems, the CELDT contractor, conducts CELDT Live! presentations for CELDT district coordinators. These Web-based presentations provide important information and updates on practical topics related to the administration of the CELDT.

Upcoming presentations include:

Additional information and past CELDT Live! presentations are archived on the Educational Data Systems' CELDT Workshops Web site. External link opens in new window or tab.

Title III Accountability

The 2009–10 Title III Accountability Report Information Guide was posted on September 7, 2010.

The 2009–10 Title III Accountability reports, including information on annual measurable achievement objectives (AMAOs) 1, 2, and 3, were posted on September 13, 2010.

The 2009–10 Title III Accountability Report Information Guide and the 2009–10 Title III Accountability reports are available on the CDE Title III Accountability Web page.

Graduation rate data, which impacts Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) and Title III status for those LEAs with high school students, will not be available until December 2010. Once the graduation rate data are made available, they will be incorporated into the AYP and Title III Accountability reports. Until this occurs, any LEA that received a "Pending" status under the "Met All AMAOs” criteria in the Title III Accountability Report will maintain their 2008–09 Title III status. The 2009–10 Title III accountability data will be updated in December when the graduation rate data become available.

Questions:   CELDT/CHSPE/GED/Title III Office | | 916-319-0784
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