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Are Accommodations Available?

Accommodations available for GED examinees with disabilities.

Yes. If an examinee has a specific learning disability, an emotional disability, an attention deficit disorder, or a physical disability, accommodations are available.

To request accommodations, contact the testing center at least 30 days before you plan to test. The testing center must submit a form to the State GED Office requesting the testing accommodation.

Part of the form is completed by staff at the testing center; part is completed by the examinee, and part is completed by a certifying professional (such as a medical doctor, a psychologist, or a psychiatrist) who can verify that the disability is present and that the requested accommodation is reasonable.

The State GED Office will review the request and return it to the testing center. If the request is approved, testing may then commence. If the request is denied, it may be appealed through the GED Testing Service.

Testing accommodations can include (but are not limited to) additional time to complete the test, one-on-one testing sessions, or a schedule of breaks. The GED Test is available in a large print format, in Braille, and on audiocassette.

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