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GED: October 2013 Program Notes

California Department of Education
Official Letter
California Department of Education
Official Letter
October 4, 2013

State GED Conference

The state GED conference will be held on October 9, 2013 at the Holiday Inn Capitol Plaza in Sacramento, California. The conference will provide critical updates on the GED testing program.

You may obtain information about the state GED conference by accessing the California Department of Education (CDE) GED Test Web page at [Note, the preceding Web address is no longer valid.]. All PowerPoint presentations for the conference are available for download at [Note, the preceding Web address is no longer valid.].

If you have additional questions, you may contact Andrea Crockett, Analyst, by phone at 916-319-0759 or by e-mail at

Amendments to the California GED Test Regulations

On July 30 the State Board of Education (SBE) adopted the CDE proposed amendments to the existing GED regulations. References to tests owned by the American Council on Education and the GED were removed from the regulations.

The Office of Administrative Law approved the GED regulations on September 25, 2013 and they will become effective on January 1, 2014.

Information regarding State Board Items related to the GED Test, may be found at

Transitional Waiver Program for Correctional Facilities

The CDE has been approved for the GED Transitional Waiver Program for correctional facilities. The program will allow correctional or locked facilities to continue to offer the paper-based 2002 series tests through 2014. The CDE is still accepting applications from GED testing centers in correctional institutions interested in applying for the waiver.

If your testing center or facility would need to be covered by this waiver, you must complete and return the attached request for information to the GED Office at

GED testing centers covered by the Transitional Waiver Program will receive a confirmation letter once the Memorandum of Understanding related to the waiver is finalized with GEDTS.

Addendum Site Options

GEDTS and Pearson VUE are committed to assisting sites determine the best option for addendum sites (additional sites) that wish to offer the GED test on computer. There are three options available for addendum sites to ensure that the GED test remains accessible to adult learners throughout California.

  • Option 1:  Establish a Stand Alone Fixed Site (PVTC)
  • Option 2:  Establish a Site Contractually Linked to the Parent Site
  • Option 3:  Establish a Mobile Site

A letter describing the details of each of these options will be distributed in the coming week. Questions about these options should be directed to Patty Vonderharr, GED Testing Service Account Manager, by phone at 952-681-3508 or by email at

2014 GED Publisher Materials

GEDTS has provided links to a list of publisher materials that will be ready this year to support the 2014 GED test, as well as links for their latest flyers about the new test and about GED Ready(TM), the official GED practice test.

2013 Deadlines for Processing Accommodations Requests

GEDTS has announced accommodation requests must be completed and approved for the 2002 GED Series Test by November 1, 2013. While GEDTS would like to receive as many completed requests as soon as possible. GEDTS will continue to accept applications throughout the month of October. 

  • Any requests not approved by GEDTS by November 1, 2013 will result in either testing without accommodations, or waiting to test after January 2, 2014 using the 2014 GED Test.
  • The deadline to submit any pending accommodation requests to the State GED Office is November 15, 2013. The State GED office will continue to review and process accommodation requests until November 29, 2013, but any accommodation requests that require GEDTS review will not be approved in time to allow test sufficient time to complete the 2002 GED Series Test.
  • A test taker with an existing approval for the GED test in the computer-based format or the paper-based format may still elect to transfer their accommodations to either paper or computer after the November 1, 2013 approval deadline.
Closing Out the 2002 Series GED Test

The CDE has mailed out 32,000 postcards to test takers who have not or passed the 2002 GED Test within the last two years, notifying them of the end of the 2002 series of test at the end of the year.

GED test takers who have not passed the GED test by that deadline will need to restart testing on the 2014 series of the test that will only be available in a computer-based format. Scores from the 2002 test series cannot be combined with scores on the 2014 tests.

Below are links to some key resources on the GEDTS Web site related to the closeout campaign.

GED Testing Service Policies and Procedures Manual Updates

GED Testing Service (GEDTS) has updated the Policies and Procedures Manual for the 2002 Series GED test delivered via computer. They are available on the GED AccessPoint. These updates include a new policy regarding threat assessment, and clarify certain requirements related to testing centers.

Computer-based Testing Transition

The GEDTS requires that GED testing centers convert to Pearson VUE testing centers in order to offer the GED Test beginning January 2014. The 2014 tests will only be offered through Computer Based Testing (CBT). Testing center staff should review the Pearson VUE specifications to ensure that the testing center meets the technical and facility requirements to offer CBT. Centers interested in becoming Pearson VUE testing centers, should notify the High School and Physical Fitness Office (GED Program) by e-mail at GED staff are responsible for ensuring that testing centers are in good standing and do not have a balance owed to the State. Additional information is available at

Documents and Accommodations Reminder

GED testing accommodations request forms and other documents mailed to the State GED Office should be sent to the following address:

California Department of Education
1430 N Street, Suite 4409
Sacramento, CA 95814
Attn: State GED Office



Diane Hernandez, State GED Administrator
Assessment Development and Administration Division



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