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How Will I Know if I Passed or Failed the Test?

Information on how to pass the test and what to do if failed.

Completed GED tests are forwarded to a centralized scoring location in Concord, California, and the results are posted to a secure internet site.  Only authorized staff at Official GED Testing Centers have access to this site.  The scoring site mails the High School Equivalency Certificate and an Official Report of Test Results to examinees who pass the test.  The testing center mails an unofficial transcript to examiness who fail or do not complete the test.

GED scores for each subtest are reported as "standard scores" which range from 200 to 800 and percentile ranks ranging from 1 to 99; higher scores result from correctly answering more test questions.

To pass the GED Test in California, examinees must:

  1. Receive a standard score of at least 410 on each of the five GED subtests, and
  2. Earn an average standard score of 450 or higher.

If an examinee does not meet both these criteria for passing, the test is failed. The examinee may retake all or part of the test to attain passing scores. Testing centers may require examinees who fail the test to take preparation classes or wait a pre-determined amount of time before attempting to re-test. Examinees may test a maximum of three times on a given test in a single year.

Examinees who pass should receive the California High School Equivalency Certificate and an Official Report of Test Results within six to eight weeks from when they complete the test and it is submitted for scoring.

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