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Explanatory Notes for CAHSEE Student and Parent

A chart lists all of the explanatory notes that may appear on the CAHSEE Student and Parent Report.
Score Box Text Explanatory Note

Student was absent for this portion of the exam
Your student was absent due to a medical emergency

SATISIFED REQUIREMENT The district reported that your student previously satisfied the requirement to successfully pass this portion of the CAHSEE. This report is not proof of a passing score.
NOT ATTEMPTED Your student did not answer questions on this portion of the exam.
MODIFIED Your student took this test using modifications as specified in his or her individualized education program (IEP) or Section 504 plan. See “Taking the CAHSEE with Modifications” on the back of this report.
INVALIDATED The school invalidated your student’s score. Please contact school officials for more information.
PENDING Your student’s exam has not yet been scored. A new report will be printed when the exam is scored.
TESTED BEFORE Your grade ten student was already tested at a different school.
NOT ENROLLED Your student was not enrolled on the day of testing.
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