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Coast High School, Huntington Beach UHSD

California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE) Remediation Compendium.
Organization Name:

Coast High School, Huntington Beach Union High School District

Remediation Program Title:

CAHSEE Math Prep

Subject Matter:



The objective of our sophomore class is to prepare at-risk students for their first exposure to the CAHSEE. Placement in the class is based on a student's CST results, targeting primarily those who scored "Below Basic" or "Far Below Basic" on their Algebra 1 CST.
Seniors who have already tried to pass the CAHSEE in November (or earlier) but were not successful, as well as students from out-of-state who entered this school during their senior year, are given Independent Study appointments with a math teacher.
Once a week, the senior meets with his teacher and is given an assignment (of approximately 20 hours in length) based on the results (if available) of their previous CAHSEE experiences, as well as the extremely accurate Pre-Test in the "Moving with Math: Conquering the CAHSEE" program.
In addition, released questions from previous CAHSEEs are assigned. Test taking tips are also emphasized in both the teacher-directed class and with the Independent Study appointments.

Target Audience: 

Grade 10 - at risk students and Grade 12 non-passers.

Typical Instructional Setting:

Weekly Classroom (a six-week, one hour per week, CAHSEE Prep for at-risk sophomores.) Six weekly individual appointments for seniors who did not pass the November CAHSEE in math.

Diagnostic Assessment Used:

We use a student's results from previous CAHSEE tries along with the Pre-Test in the "Moving with Math" program to develop an individual learning path for each student. Our sophomore class meets once-a-week for a teacher-directed session of general interest, and then students meet individually with a math teacher.

Curriculum Used:

We use the Math Teachers Press, Inc. program, "Moving with Math: Conquering the CAHSEE" for both the classroom and the Independent Study programs. We also used the California Department of Education's "Preparing for the California High School Exit Examination: A Mathematics Study Guide", along with CAHSEE Released Test Questions.

Contact Information:

Carole Maken
Math Coordinator
Coast High School
16666 Tunstall Lane
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
714-842-4779 ext. 266

Questions:   CAHSEE Office | | 916-445-9449
Last Reviewed: Monday, September 21, 2015
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