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Elk Grove Unified School District

CAHSEE Remediation Compendium: English-Language Arts CAHSEE Support Course.
Organization Name:

Elk Grove Unified School District

Remediation Program Title:

English-Language Arts CAHSEE Support Course

Subject Matter:

English-Language Arts


The purpose of this course is to provide direct instruction in CAHSEE grade-level content standards. The course offers individualized instruction with a targeted, balanced curriculum of foundational skills and test preparation practices as well as formative assessments to monitor progress. The course was specifically designed to address the needs of students who are within 20 points of passing the CAHSEE.

Elk Grove Unified School District is currently developing a Tier II support course for students within 25 to 50 points of passing the CAHSEE. The curriculum will focus on CAHSEE-level content (grades 7-9) with content ability to scaffold down to grade 4-6 content standards. Timeline for implementation is January 2006.

Target Audience:

Grades 11 and 12 students with CAHSEE scores within 20 points of a 350 scaled score are eligible for the program. Grade 10 students who scored Far Below Basic (FBB) or Below Basic (BB) on the Grade 9 ELA and/or math California Standards Test are also eligible if the space is available.

Typical Instructional Setting:

Classroom-based with differentiated instruction

Diagnostic Assessment Used:

Students’ spring CAHSEE scores are initially used. CST scores of FBB and BB are also used to identify potential tenth graders. A pre-assessment based on CAHSEE released test questions is administered the first week of the course. The English-Language Arts Practice Test on pages 91-117 of the California Department of Education’s Preparing for the California High School Exit Examination: An English-Language Arts Study Guide is given in the ninth week of instruction as a post-assessment.

Curriculum Used:

Curriculum for the course is district-developed, using several curricular resources. The foundational skills portion of the curriculum uses grade 9 and 10 core and ancillary materials, while Kaplan’s Success, CAHSEE released test questions, and the CAHSEE student study guide are used for test preparation and practice. Individual sites may also use Reading Detective (The Critical Thinking Co.), Step Up to Writing (Sopris West Educational Services), and Meeting the California Challenge (Globe Fearon).

Materials under review for use in the Tier II include the following:

  • Measuring UP (Peoples Publishing), Levels D-F
  • Strategies for Test-Taking Success (Heinele)
  • AMP (Globe Fearon)
  • Open Court supplemental materials (grade 6 writing units)
  • San Diego County Office of Education Writing Standards Binder K-8
  • Language! Third Edition strands (books C and/or D)

In addition to site ELA teachers, the curriculum team includes an English learner specialist and a special education program support specialist for the purpose of curriculum development and material review.

Contact Information:

Robin Martin
Program Administrator
Elk Grove Unified School District
9360 Elk Grove-Florin Road, Suite 1
Elk Grove, CA 95624

Questions:   CAHSEE Office | | 916-445-9449
Last Reviewed: Monday, September 21, 2015
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