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Kern High School District

California High School Exit Examination Remediation Compendium.
Organization Name:

Kern High School District

Remediation Program Title:

Mathematics Foundations I and II Courses; CAHSEE Review Course

Subject Matter:



The Foundations I course primarily addresses the California Grade 6 content standards and focuses on understanding basic arithmetic concepts. The Foundations II course primarily addresses the California Grade 7 content standards and test-taking strategies for the CAHSEE. These year-long courses are offered to ninth and tenth graders.

The CAHSEE review course focuses on the standards selected for the exam as well as test-taking strategies. Students in this course have attempted the CAHSEE and require additional instruction in the standards addressed on the CAHSEE.

In the courses, the classroom teacher often gives instruction and shows examples. Through professional development programs, the use of hands-on materials, teaching through context, and a focus on understanding concepts above the isolated practice of skills is encouraged.   

Target Audiences:

Mathematics Foundations I and II: Grade 9 and Grade 10
CAHSEE Review: Grade 11 and Grade 12

Typical Instructional Setting:

Small groups and individualized instruction   

Diagnostic Assessment Used:

Individual school sites often give department-developed assessments at the beginning of the school year. The district has developed benchmark exams that are given at the end of each quarter. Data from these exams are studied by the site teachers and discussed at department meetings.

Curriculum Used:

McDougall Littell’s Concepts and Skills Course I and Course II (state-adopted editions) are the primary texts for the Foundations I and II programs. Each school site has adopted materials for the CAHSEE course, including the following:

Contact Information:

Margaret DeArmond
Mathematics Resource Teacher
Kern High School District
5801 Sundale Avenue
Bakersfield, CA 93309

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