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Graduating Class of 2006 CAHSEE Options Letter

Letter Head: Jack O'Connell, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Phone number 916-319-0800

January 31, 2007

Dear County and District Superintendents and Charter School Administrators:


This letter is part of the ongoing California Department of Education (CDE) communication with districts about the options for students in the Class of 2006 who satisfied all local and state graduation requirements except for passing the California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE).

As you are aware, on August 11, 2006, the State Court of Appeals upheld the CAHSEE as a graduation requirement. However, the court recommended that the parties “find the pathways necessary to provide equal and adequate access to meaningful remedial assistance to students” under the auspices of the original trial court.

This letter and the attached Stipulation and Order are the result of the Court of Appeal’s recommendation. As I have said before, it is essential that districts provide necessary supplemental instruction to these members of the Class of 2006 who have not yet passed the CAHSEE. Additionally, it is equally essential that districts reach out and notify them of opportunities to participate in supplementary instruction available to them.

We all share a commitment to never give up on even one student. We know that students in the Class of 2006 continue to sit for the CAHSEE and are being successful. However, continued, concerted efforts to contact and serve students in the Class of 2006 are crucial at this time.

I strongly urge you to immediately inform those students in the Class of 2006 who satisfied all graduation requirements except the CAHSEE of the options to continue their education in order to gain the skills necessary to earn a California high school diploma and better prepare for today’s global economy. Please make sure that the information you provide these students tells them whom to contact in your district to obtain information about opportunities for continuing their education.

In addition to providing this notice, I also strongly urge you to serve members of the Class of 2006 by providing specific CAHSEE remediation instruction through currently available funding. These services may be received during the year following the grade twelve year for those students who have failed to pass one or both parts of the CAHSEE. CAHSEE Intensive Instruction and Services funding provided under Education Code (EC) Section 37254, and the Remedial Supplemental Instruction funding provided under EC Section 37252(h) may be used to provide specific CAHSEE remediation instruction to serve the members of the Class of 2006.

Other programs through which remediation can be provided to the Class of 2006 are:

  • Additional semester or year(s) of enrollment in a public comprehensive high school or in an alternative education program until the student passes the CAHSEE and obtains a diploma.
  • Enrollment in an independent study program with targeted course work relevant to receiving a high school diploma.
  • Enrollment in a charter school program until the CAHSEE is passed and a diploma is awarded, through age twenty-two.
  • Enrollment in a charter school that provides instruction in partnership with (1) the federal Workforce Investment Act of 1998; (2) federally affiliated Youth Build programs; (3) federal job corps training or instruction; and (4) the California Conservation Corps (CCC) or local conservation corps certified by the CCC (EC Section 47612.1).
  • Enrollment in a California adult school secondary education program to obtain a diploma by satisfying the district’s graduation requirements and passing the CAHSEE.
  • Enrollment in a community college program offering a high school diploma in conjunction with the high school district.

The CDE supports your district’s efforts to provide additional assistance to students in the Class of 2006 that have not passed the CAHSEE and appreciates your efforts to provide information regarding locally available remediation. Supplemental information is available on the CAHSEE Program and Resources Web page at A sample student letter regarding educational options is also attached to assist you in contacting students in the Class of 2006.

In closing, because today’s economy demands that our students have higher level skills than ever before, please do not delay notifying students in the Class of 2006 of their opportunities to continue their educations, acquire those skills necessary to pass the CAHSEE, and obtain their diplomas.

If you have any questions regarding this subject, please contact the High School Exit Exam Office, at 916-445-9449 or by e-mail at





Last Reviewed: Monday, June 22, 2015

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