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Ramona Unified School District

California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE) Remediation Compendium.
Organization Name:

Ramona Unified School District

Remediation Program Title:

I-PASS/Adopt a Senior

Subject Matter:

English-Language Arts and Math


I-PASS involves identifying those students who have not passed the CAHSEE. I-PASS couples each student who has not passed the ELA or mathematics portion of the CAHSEE with an ELA or math teacher who acts as a “case manager.” Based on strand score data, students are clustered according to their area of greatest need, and, in turn, paired with a teacher who has the greatest expertise in that area of ELA or math.

The case manager collects the following historical performance data on each student:

The case manager, student, and parent (at times) devise an intervention plan. The intervention plan requires the student to be enrolled in an ELA/math course and possibly other support or tutorials.

Each ELA/math teacher has a small group of students to tutor during a tutorial period, which is built into the master schedule and is designed to meet twice a week. Also, teachers meet with students before and after school and during lunch.

Student progress is formally documented by the case manager six times a year, with ongoing progress recorded at a teacher level. Conferences among the case manager, student, and parent are scheduled a minimum of four times per year.

Target Audience:

CAHSEE non-passers

Typical Instructional Setting:

Small-group and individual

Diagnostic Assessment Used:
Curriculum Used:
Contact Information:

Cathy Pierce
Director, Assessment and Categorical Programs
Ramona Unified School District
720 Ninth Street
Ramona, CA 92065

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