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Sacramento City Unified School District

California High School Exit Examination Remediation Compendium.
Organization Name:

Sacramento City Unified School District

Remediation Program Title:

CAHSEE Remediation

Subject Matter:

English-Language Arts and Math


Each school receives a student-level substrand report following each CAHSEE administration and administers formative benchmark assessments using locally developed assessments and Action Learning Systems assessments. Intervention plans are in place for all students not passing the CAHSEE, which include parents, counselors, and teachers. The district’s large comprehensive high schools offer remediation classes during zero and/or seventh period, while the small schools offer remediation classes either during the school day or through Saturday workshops. All participating students receive elective credits upon completion of the course. Typically, special education students and English learners are remediated separately in order to meet the needs of individual students.

Funding received through Assembly Bill 128 will be used for the purchase of Kaplan materials such as baseline tests, for professional development, and for CAHSEE student books. The CAHSEE Advantage (Kaplan) will be provided for students who are within approximately 20 points of passing the exam. The Essential Skills Foundation (Kaplan) will be used for concentration on a specific substrand. As of December 2005, all students not passing the CAHSEE were given an opportunity to take the baseline Kaplan test.

Target Audience:

All CAHSEE non-passers

Typical Instructional Setting:
Diagnostic Assessment Used:
Curriculum Used:
Contact Information:

Jessica Melvin
Accountability Coordinator
Sacramento City Unified School District
5735 47th Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95824

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