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California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE) Remediation Compendium.
Organization Name:

San Diego County Office of Education

Remediation Program Title:

Getting Ready for the CAHSEE Language Arts
CAHSEE Prep Resources

Subject Matter:

Math and English-Language Arts


Getting Ready for the CAHSEE Language Arts is a series of lessons to teach students the kind of problem-solving and analytical thinking skills needed to be successful on the California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE). Individual lessons and the lesson sequence have been designed to address each set of problem-solving skills in a systematic, sequential manner. A particular focus is building a student’s level of confidence with test-taking as he or she develops a systematic, practical, and strategic approach to taking tests, including the CAHSEE.

Each lesson builds upon and reinforces the strategies from previous lessons. Subsequent lessons provide opportunities for application and synthesis of the strategies in simulated test situations. Each lesson also includes detailed teacher lesson plans with transparency masters and activity masters. Student pages are included. A consumable Student Recourse Book is available. Lessons may be taught as a two- to three-week prep module or integrated into longer prep or remedial classes or modules.


CAHSEE Prep is designed as a one-semester intervention for students who have completed a regular series of math courses but remain at-risk of not passing the mathematics portion of the CAHSEE. This program contains five modules titled Number Sense, Algebra and Functions; Measurement and Geometry; Statistics; Data Analysis and Probability; and Algebra I. The program uses a balanced approach of direct instruction and inquiry and contains units of instruction that are taught and reviewed in a systematic format. It provides a fresh look at previously taught concepts and skills.

Target Audience:

All students preparing for the CAHSEE
Non-passers on the ELA portion


Students who have completed math courses but are non-passers on the math portion

Typical Instructional Setting:
  • Classroom setting for both the ELA and math courses
  • Small-group classroom setting for at-risk students with special needs and English learners enrolled in the math course
Diagnostic Assessment Used:

No diagnostic assessment is used.


The Exit Exam Mathematics Assessment Preparation (EEMAP) is designed to reflect the structure of the math portion of the CAHSEE. Just like the CAHSEE, the EEMAP consists of 80 multiple-choice questions. The EEMAP also follows the CAHSEE math blueprint, in that the same number of questions per standard appear in both the blueprint and the EEMAP. The EEMAP will show each student’s performance on each math standard tested on the CAHSEE. Score reports for the EEMAP are optional and give detailed information on student performance.

Curriculum Used:

Lesson 1: Pre-reading Strategies
Lesson 2: Question Analysis Strategies
Lesson 3: Annotating the Test/Text
Lesson 4: Answer Analysis Strategies
Lessons 5 and 6: Applying Strategies to Expository and Literary Texts
Lesson 7: Writing Strategies
Lessons 8 and 9: Analyzing Text-Based and Stand-Alone Prompts  
Lesson 10: Pre-Writing Strategies for On-Demand Writing
Lessons 11 and 12: Practice Sessions for Pre-Writing and On-Demand Writing

Lessons are correlated with the California Department of Education’s Preparing for the CAHSEE: An English-Language Arts Study Guide. This resource is designed to help students become familiar with the exam format and to teach students cognitive strategies to use in demonstrating mastery of standards in responding to multiple-choice items and on-demand writing tasks.


Each of the five modules are used, including scripted daily lesson plans, warm-ups, guided practice, independent practice, student toolkit for key vocabulary concepts, and end-of-module assignments.

Other resource materials that may be used to enhance the program include the following:

  • Daily Warm-Ups: Exercising the CAHSEE Mathematics Standards: The daily warm-ups are based on the CAHSEE assessed mathematics standards. This collection of items augments the released test questions and is aligned to the assessed standards to provide extended learning within the classroom. The collection is organized in a warm-up format to review student prior content knowledge of standards, key vocabulary and test-taking strategies. Current CAHSEE items, which address grade six, grade seven, and Algebra I standards, would be embedded during the instructional lesson period.
  • Math Language That Works: This resource provides background information for math teachers on the benefits of effective vocabulary instruction. Matrices identify the math content vocabulary found in the standards addressed in CAHSEE Prep and Getting Ready for Algebra. In addition, research-based strategies for explicit vocabulary instruction as well as lesson templates for planning are included. Also included is a glossary of concise explanations of math items and academic language and activities for review and practice that reinforce student understanding of previously taught terms and concepts.
Contact Information:

Jennifer Currie (ELA)
Language Arts Coordinator
San Diego County Office of Education
6401 Linda Vista Road
San Diego, CA 92111

Jameson Rienick (Math)
Mathematics Coordinator
San Diego County Office of Education
6401 Linda Vista Road
San Diego, CA 92111

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Last Reviewed: Wednesday, September 23, 2015
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