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CAHSEE Year 3: Independent Evaluation

Independent evaluation of California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE), published June 28, 2002, available by sections.

Report Sections

Executive Summary (PDF)
Summary and table of contents

Chapter 1 (PDF)


Chapter 2 (PDF)
Test development, administration and scoring

Chapter 3 (PDF)

Preliminary results from the March 2002 administration

Chapter 4 (PDF)

Student questionnaire

Chapter 5 (PDF)

Principal and teacher reactions

Chapter 6 (PDF)
Findings and recommendations

Appendix A (PDF)

School site testing coordinator

Appendix B (PDF)
Principal survey

Appendix C (PDF)
Teacher survey

Appendix D (PDF)
Standards taught

Appendix E (PDF)
Principal comments

Appendix F (PDF)
Teacher comments

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