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NAEP Update: October 2012 Notes

October 2012 edition of the National Assessment of Educational Progress update.

Student List Preparation and Submission

By October 26, schools participating in the National Assessment of Educational Progress this school year (i.e., NAEP 2013) must submit their student lists via the MySchool/MyNAEP Web site [] External link opens in new window or tab. . NAEP district and school coordinators should communicate with each other to determine whether the school or district will prepare and submit the school’s student list. Schools are encouraged to submit their lists as early as possible to provide time for the California Department of Education (CDE) to review them for completion and request corrections if needed. The template and instructions for preparing and submitting the student list are located on the “Submit Student List” page of the MySchool/MyNAEP Web site. Below are important reminders for preparing student lists:

Questions about preparing and submitting student lists should be directed to the NAEP Help Desk at 800-283-6237.

School Notification of Selected Students

Using the student lists submitted by schools, the U.S. Department of Education will randomly select students for participation in NAEP 2013. Schools will receive the list of selected students from their school in January 2013 as part of the NAEP pre-assessment packet. Approximately 30 to 63 students will be selected to participate from each school. The target student sample size is based on the assessment in which the school has been selected to participate.

Parent and Guardian Notification

Schools are required to notify the parents and guardians of students who have been selected to participate in NAEP. This notification should be provided at least two weeks prior to the NAEP assessment date. Federal law requires that parents and guardians be informed, via a dated document, that they may exclude their child from participating in NAEP for any reason and that their child is not required to finish the test or answer all test questions.

The following two NAEP 2013 notification templates are available in English and several other languages on the MySchool/MyNAEP Web site [] External link opens in new window or tab. for schools to download: Both documents meet the legal requirement for notification. Schools may use one or both formats to notify parents and guardians.

Preparing for NAEP 2013 Resources  

The Preparing for NAEP 2013 information packet is available on the CDE NAEP Web page []. The packet includes, among other things, an overview of NAEP 2013, parent and guardian notification templates, and coordinator checklists. NAEP district and school coordinators are encouraged to use the coordinator checklists in this packet to track their NAEP-related responsibilities.

Also available on the CDE NAEP Web site is a recorded Webcast titled “Preparing for NAEP 2013.” This 22-minute presentation provides further details for participating schools and districts.

By early November, the NAEP school coordinator for each participating high school will be mailed the NAEP Best Practices guide to support the administration of NAEP in high schools. The guide, which is fully contained on a flash drive, provides a variety of resources, including:

More Information

Additional information about NAEP is available on the CDE NAEP Web page [] and on the U.S. Department of Education NAEP Web site [] External link opens in new window or tab. . Questions about NAEP should be directed to Julie Williams, NAEP State Coordinator, CDE, by phone at 916-319-0408 or by e-mail at

Questions:   Julie Williams | | 916-319-0408
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